Adult Toy Care, Cleaners and Accessories

Adult Toy Care, Cleaners and Accessories

Sex Toy Storage Options

We all know your new sex toy is what you’re really excited about, but don’t forget about all the accessories that you’ll want to keep it as new as the day you bought it. If you’re an adult toys owner, make sure your toy drawer is stocked with three important things: a sex toy cleaner, a vibrator charger, and sex toy storage. Keep reading to find out why.

Sex Toy Cleaner

After an exhilarating experience with your favorite toy, we know the last thing you want to think about is cleaning. But have you ever actually looked at your sex toys after using them? In the light of day? It’s not a pretty sight. Apart from the obvious build up of “gunk” (that proves what a great time you just had), what you can’t see is bacteria. The longer you wait to clean your toy, the longer bacteria has to set in. Using sex toys that aren’t properly cleaned can have big consequences! So, if you want to avoid a dreaded UTI, it’s time to clean your toy. 

But STOP! We know what you’re thinking: “I’m just going to run this toy under some hot water and if I’m feeling extra motivated, I’ll squirt some hand soap on it and call it a day.”

Just because you use a soap on your dishes or your body does NOT mean you should use it on your sex toy! Skip the frills, colors, and fragrances because they can irritate your most intimate areas. Soap of any kind can cause your toy’s material to dry out and crack. You can find cleaners made just for sex toys that will keep both you and your toy safe from harm. We recommend our popular Cleansing Mist toy cleaner! Formulated to gently cleanse, protect, and polish, Cleansing Mist is essential in helping prevent the growth of bacteria and keeping your toy collection as good as new. Simply rinse your toy before and after use, spritz generously with Cleansing Mist, then rinse again and pat dry. Now that your toy is feeling fresh, let’s talk about sex toy storage. 

Sex Toy Storage Bag

If you couldn’t tell, we’re good at reading minds. We already know what yours is thinking: “I’m going to toss this toy in my underwear drawer with the rest of my toy collection, safely hidden until I need it again.” And by now, you should know what we’re going to say: not quite so fast! Just as much as cleaning your sex toys is important, safe storage is essential. Firstly, you want to keep your toys stashed in a clean, cool, dry space. Direct exposure to sunlight and heat can discolor, corrode or even melt your toy. Be sure your special sex toy spot is free from dust and moisture to keep it (and you) happy for months to come.

Not only that, but make sure it’s stored separately from your other toys or other objects. When sex toys get together, weird things can happen (during storage, obviously. But we love a toy pairing in bed!). This includes cross-contamination of bacteria. Keep them separate and wrap each in its own clean, dry bag, cloth, or storage tote, like our Toy Tote! This storage bag keeps your favorite products out of sight and away, protecting your toys from dust, bacteria, and curious eyes. Simply use, clean, and dry your products, then store them until the mood strikes again. But before the mood strikes, be sure your adult toys are charged and ready when you are.

Vibrator Chargers

It’s an experience we’ve all had: the candles are lit, your fave playlist is on, and the mood is set. You might even have a hot adult film picked out to watch. Right before you hit play, you take out your favorite toy and… nothing. It’s dead, and so is the mood. Nothing makes the heat of the moment sizzle out like a dead toy. Most of our toys are rechargeable (although, a few are battery operated) and come complete with a vibrator USB charger. Every toy is different so check your box or find your toy on our website to check out the kind of charger your toy comes with and directions for charging.

All you will need is a USB charging block to charge in a standard outlet but if you don’t have one, they can be plugged in to any USB port, like your laptop. Try to avoid using large blocks that produce a large amount of energy at a higher rate and take your vibrator off the charger once it’s completed charging. Just like your iPhone, overcharging could lead to battery damage. If you misplace or lose your charger, no worries! We sell all of our chargers separately on our accessories page so you’ll never be left with a toy that can’t charge.

Now that you’re stocked with all the sex toy accessories to show your sex toys some love, we promise they’ll love you back!

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