Spicy, Sexy Lingerie is an Important Part of Bedroom Play

Spicy, Sexy Lingerie is an Important Part of Bedroom Play

Things can get rather dull when it’s the same bedroom routine over and over again. Nothing new and exciting is happening to keep that passion thriving like before. But the truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way!

 With one simple change, you can feel like a sultry goddess and have your partner drooling over you in no time. And what is that simple change you might ask? SEXY LINGERIE. 

The sexual energy that women’s lingerie brings to the bedroom is pure magic. You might be thinking to yourself how lingerie is only a “special occasion” kind of thing, but that is NOT the case. Slipping into a piece of sexy, sheer lingerie will have your confidence climbing instantly and your partner filled with sexual desire.

Your love life should be nothing short of hot, exciting, and plentiful. Bringing sexy lingerie into the mix will do exactly that. Then, it can lead to a happy and healthy overall relationship. After all, isn’t that what we are all longing for? 

Step into your sexy side

A common misunderstanding is that women wear lingerie only for the benefit of their partner — that could not be further from the truth. Not only does the appearance of the lingerie make you feel more attractive, but also feeling the sexy material against your body brings out a whole other side that you didn't know existed.

When a woman feels sexy and seductive, it automatically increases her appetite for bedroom play. And we know there are some of you thinking to yourself, “But I’m so awkward and would be embarrassed.” But women’s lingerie lets you be anything you want to be. The feeling of empowerment the lingerie gives you will have you beyond excited for the new sensations to come.

When you purchase sexy lingerie, you are not only investing in your sex life, but you are also making an investment in your overall confidence. There is nothing more attractive than a confident woman ready to take control and pleasure herself, and her partner, like never before.

Check out our women’s lingerie line here and get ready to unleash your sexy side!

Your partner will desire you

Women sometimes wonder if we are doing enough to please our partner when things start to feel a little too routine, right? Endless questions flow through your mind, you wonder if you are meeting your partner's sexual needs, or even question if your sexual needs are truly being met.

You start asking yourself what you can do to bring something fresh and inspire a little mystery in the bedroom. That is where women’s lingerie comes into play.

Picture it for a second — you put on our Twice As Nice sexy lingerie and walk out of the bedroom past your partner. Your partner's physical arousal is kicked into full gear seeing you in your new lingerie. In an instant, you both are in the mood and sexual desire is running high.

You are IRRESISTIBLE and your partner takes you right then and there. Leaving you both with an unforgettable experience. Not so boring now, right?!

The image of you in your sexy lingerie lives in your partner's head, making them desire more of you. The simple thought of having another experience like that is a major turn on for many. The source for this interest is all thanks to the new confidence and sexual pleasure your lingerie provides. 

The perfect gift for yourself or partner

Everyone deserves a romantic gift no matter the day, whether it be for yourself or for your partner. In all reality, a romantic gift is a gift for the both of you, if you know what we mean.

When it comes to women’s lingerie, you want something that you will feel the most comfortable and confident in, all while bringing that new sexual spark to the bedroom. Pure Romance has you covered!

Check out a few of our favorite lingerie items that make the best romantic gifts. 

Midnight Fantasy

Our Midnight Fantasy mesh romper is perfect for anyone stepping into their sexy side for the first time. This set is great for beginning to navigate your sexual energy and building up your confidence.

This black sheer lingerie romper hugs you in all the right places, while providing more coverage than most. And it’s trimmed with lace and a cheeky-cut bottom that will have you and your partner in the mood in no time. It’s the perfect choice for those that are a little anxious to explore the lingerie game!

Twice As Nice

One of my personal favorites! Our Twice As Nice lingerie set gives you the best of both worlds. You get that flattering look with a two-in-one combination, a teddy and a babydoll. The beautiful cut of the mesh overlay is seductively inviting, making your partner go wild at the sneak peek it provides.

And to top it off, the hot pink color of this lingerie set makes it POP! Hot pink relates to romance, lust, and creates a sense of urgency. Your partner will not be able to keep their hands off you.

Friends With Benefits   

This sexy lingerie piece will have your partner melting over you. Our Friends With Benefits lingerie set is made with stunning light purple sheer lace and embraces your body beautifully.

The low-cut neckline, revealing bottom, and luscious strapping detail on the curve of your back will have you feeling like a total bombshell. And if you are REALLY trying to heat things up, this bodysuit is perfect for wearing underneath your clothes on a night out. You can’t go wrong with this one!

Power Play 

Where are my ladies that love to roleplay? This one's for you!

 The Power Play lingerie set is made with a deep purple colored mesh for a body smoothing touch and has a gorgeous satin trim to add a little fierce flair. The stretchy, underwire cups give your girls a natural, flattering lift.

This slimming garter set pairs perfectly with thigh-high stockings, really setting you up for that dominant energy to break through. You and your partner will have endless fun with this sexy piece added to your bedroom wardrobe.

So, ditch any and all doubts you may have about bringing sexy lingerie into your love life and let your passionate side run wild! Lingerie just might be the missing piece to your bedroom play.

Shop these women’s lingerie pieces and more styles here!

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