Weighted Vaginal Exerciser Balls

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Strengthen your sexual health and wellness with Exercise-Her. These weighted balls are designed to help exercise vaginal walls to offer greater control over orgasms and can improve urinary health. The more you strengthen, the more power you build over your bliss.

● Routine use may improve vaginal health
● Can increase bladder control
● Add to existing or new Kegel program
● Phthalate free
● Comes with two exercise balls: 30 grams and 40 grams

With Exercise-Her, you are provided with 2 different weights – a 30g weight, and a 40g weight.

Active exercises Step 1: Start off with the lighter weight (30g) placed in the sling.
• Insert the weight into the vagina using a water-based lubricant. Make sure that it is inserted sufficiently into the vagina past the PC muscles.
• Start contractions of the PC muscles ensuring that with each contraction, there is a squeezing and lifting of the muscles. You will notice that you are doing them correctly when you see the molded loop moving up with each contraction.
• Hold each contraction for 2-3 seconds and continue for 10-15 contractions.
• After contractions, rest for one minute, then repeat the cycle two more times.
These exercises should be done daily in the morning if possible.

Continue with the 30g weight for 4-6 weeks

Active exercises Step 2: Change to the heavier weight of 40g by changing it in the sling.

Use the heavier weight to do the same cycle of exercise for 4-6 weeks.

The exerciser should be washed carefully after each use and dried thoroughly before putting away.

Passive Stimulation:
Start with the lighter weight (30g).

Using a water-based lubricant, insert the weight with the sling into the vagina until it comfortably passes the PC muscles. The molded loop should remain outside of the vagina for easy removal.

Wear the exerciser between a few and several hours a day while doing regular daily activities. The passive stimulation occurs when there is movement and the vibration from the inner weight stimulates increased tone of the vaginal and PC muscles.

Remove exerciser and clean & dry thoroughly before putting away.

Do not use exerciser during sexual activity.

It is safe to use the exerciser during menstruation only if using a pad. Do not insert a tampon while using the exerciser.

As vaginal tone increases (normally after 4-6 weeks of active exercises), you can change to using the heavier (40g) weight.

The sling is provided for easy removal, but weights may be used without the sling for passive stimulation if you can easily remove with fingers. If you have difficulty removing weights with fingers alone, please use with the sling.

Wash before and after each use. For best results, use Cleansing Mist.

● Exercise-Her Kegel ball
● Second Kegel weight

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