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Rascally Rabbit Rabbit C-Ring With Bullet

Rascally Rabbit

Rabbit C-Ring With Bullet


Rascally Rabbit is a breed apart! This c-ring comes equipped with a rabbit that will charm your erogenous zones. Waterproof and powerful, you’ll never chase the Rascally Rabbit from your garden!

• Button-cell battery included
• Waterproof
• Long-eared rabbit that tickles the clitoris
• Thermoplastic elastomer material is durable and somewhat flexible.
To insert batteries, unscrew the end of the toy, and place the three button-cell batteries inside with the positive side up. Replace the battery cap. To use, thoroughly lubricate the penis, and slide the c-ring to the base of the penis. To turn on the toy and cycle through its speeds, press the button on the toy. To turn off, press the button until you've cycled through all of the speeds and the toy turns off.

Use a creamy lubricant, such as Whipped.
Store in a cool, dry place.

Jaimz Dillman   -   7/17/2015 3:25:46 PM
I was a little worried about this being a bit more than a regular cock ring and it fitting my guy- let's just say he's blessed- but it stretched easily to fit well. After a bit of adjusting (pull it all the way down the shaft) it was a fun addition for a playful night. We'll be using it again:)