Get a Sexual Confidence Boost

Get a Sexual Confidence Boost

Everyone wants to be confident, but no one really talks about SEXUAL CONFIDENCE. You’re not always going to feel like Lizzo or Megan Fox, but there are ways to make you feel more comfortable in the bedroom, which will give you more confidence in the real world. Here are some ways to grow your sexual confidence.

Get to know yourself

You can’t tell your partner what you like… if you don’t know what you like. Invest in some self-exploration. Check yourself out in the mirror and look at your body. One in four women don’t even know where the vagina is! Educate yourself on your own body. If you feel comfortable in your own skin, your ability to orgasm will increase. Take it a step forward. Do some intimate exploring alone, with or without a vibrator. If you’re new to masturbation, check out these helpful tips.

Give yourself the care you deserve

If you don’t have a self-care routine, start one! This can be anything from having a trusted skincare routine to give yourself the “I cleanse my face twice a day” glow to moisturizing after a shower. Take a nice bubble bath and create a spa-like ambiance with candles and meditation music. Go to the gym or take a refreshing walk around the block. Self-care is proven to lessen anxiety and frustration, so take some time to yourself to boost your energy.

Leave the trash talk at the door

Like many, you can be your own worst critic. Give yourself a break. These harsh, self-deprecating thoughts are getting in the way of your sex-life and we can’t have that. Are you perfect? No. Is anyone perfect? HELL NO. Take a moment out of your day to look yourself in the mirror and call out a few things you absolutely love about yourself. You’re amazing and you deserve to hear it!

Ease your mind and your body

Adulting is hard. We all know it’s the truth. But that’s why adults discovered the calming power of essential oils. Don’t let stress and anxiety sneak into the bedroom. Tense muscles can make it harder to receive pleasure. Before you get down and dirty, close your eyes and take 10 deep belly breaths. If you’re still not relaxed, add a lubricant.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

An unhealthy gut can lead to bloating, fatigue, insomnia, acne… the list goes on. How can you feel sexy when you’re fighting your own gut? But you are in charge of your life and can make a change! Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Drink more water. Exercise regularly.

Focus on the positives

Do you remember the last time you had great sex? Picture it now. What happened? How did it make you feel? Picture the space where you had sex and put yourself back in it. Focus on those feelings and let them spread.

You deserve to feel like a sex god/goddess. Take these steps, and maybe add a few of your own, to see how confidence in the bedroom can change your life.

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