Will You Accept This Rose Vibe?

Will You Accept This Rose Vibe?

Will you accept this rose? Rose vibes are increasingly popular, thanks to some viral TikToks it’s not about romantic gestures. People are flipping over rose-shaped toys. Now, Pure Romance is knocking on the door with our own fresh bouquet. We have a rose toy that will give you pleasure from the petals all the way to the stem.

Read on for why rose vibes are blowing up online and the reasons our toy is the best of the bundle.

A Little History

Rose vibes had a meteoric rise on TikTok thanks to users’ blooming reviews beginning in 2021. Many women proclaimed they had multiple orgasms in mere minutes. With a slow to close orgasm gap where heterosexual men orgasm 95% of the time and heterosexual women orgasm 65% of the time during intimacy, that’s something to shout from the rooftops. Plus, the world is becoming more sex positive, which means you’ll see more people being loud and proud about intimate topics.

Also, after a year of social distancing and isolating due to a worldwide pandemic, sex toy sales were already on the rise. In fact, 41% of women invested in a new sex toy while quarantining. So, take a world bored of staying home and a vibe that promises a good time and you have a recipe to break the internet.

That’s where we come in. Meet the double-ended clitoral vibe that will blow your mind… Petal Pleaser.

Petal Pleaser

Let pleasure take root with soft, delicate petals and a tongue-shaped teaser on one end and a tethered bud that can be used to tease and tantalize on the other end. Perfect for solo or partner play, invite decadent sensation that will lead to blooming bliss.

How to Use

Your new best bud can give you internal and external stimulation at the same time thanks to its dual-motor, dual-ended design. Press the top button to enjoy the petal-ringed tongue that flickers back and forth for a combination of thrilling vibration and erotic motions. It’s perfect for the clitoris, nipples, and other hotspots. Press the bottom button to turn on the rosebud and add internal vibration to the mix.

Plus, the rose vibe’s tether is long enough for a partner to enjoy. It also has a magnetic charger that connects effortlessly to the back of the toy.


Double the Pleasure

First, one rose, all the options! Petal Pleaser is dual-ended and has two motors. Now, you can choose how you want to tease and please! Use the tongue-like flower to focus on the clitoris, nipples, or other erogenous zones. Also, it features a vibrating bulb that is great for external or internal stimulation. You choose your pleasure!

Flexible Function

Next, 18 total functions. Let’s say that again. 18. Total. Functions. Our toy features three vibrating speeds and six pulsing patterns at each end. Think of all the options you have! With the dual-motors, you have even more combinations to try. For example, just turn on the rose or just the bulb. Or have both motors going at and explore erogenous zones internally and externally to experience a blended orgasm. You won’t find one on the market with all of these functions, we promise!

Plays Well with Others

You’re not limited to solo play with our rose vibe. Get cozy with a partner thanks to the long, tethered bulb so that you can share sensations. You can use the petal teaser for clitoral stimulation, while your partner enjoys perineum vibration thanks to the bulb.

Knock on the Backdoor

The Bullet vibrator isn’t just for external play or vaginal stimulation, you can also use it for anal play. Women will enjoy the added sensation to the back of the vaginal wall and men will enjoy the extra attention to the prostate. Just make sure you use a silicone-based lubricant and soothing comfort gel to get relaxed and in the mood. Make sure you clean the toy and don’t go directly from anal to vaginal play.

It “rose” to any Occasion

Finally, not only does this toy remind you of a beautiful bloom… and it’ll give you a blooming good time. You’re not limited to just the bedroom; it’s bath friendly. Take your pleasure time to the shower or bath. Petal Pleaser is also easily rechargeable and has up to an almost two-hour run-time, so you won’t face unwanted interruptions.

See What our Customers Have to Say

Rose vibes have taken over the internet. You’ve heard how much people love them but see for yourself why our customers say they’ve had the best orgasms of their lives with our rose vibe.

Best orgasms of my life

"The first orgasm hit me like a wave, in a good way 😏. 2nd orgasm, my husband used it during sex and it was a total game changer for both of us. the 3rd one, was the probably the best feeling of my life. all the tingly feelings went right down there in me. if you want to have the best orgasms ever get this product 😻🥺😘🥰😝😈 " - Nia S.


"Although fun to use alone, it can be used with your partner too. It's soft and kind of flexible. The tongue part is out of this world and has different speeds and motions and the bud part also vibrates. Everything else is on point with this vibrator." - Shonda


"Very soft. With both sides of the toy, it's very versatile. You can use the bud as a regular bullet vibrator. The rose end is a great oral stimulator. I like using rose petal side when I want to take my time and really enjoy the sensations. Or you can use both sides at once, which typically provides me with a quicker, more intense experience." - Lacey S.

Explore a budding romance with our rose toy. Give yourself a gift that won’t slowly die in a vase on your dining room table but return to give you continuous pleasure.


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