2020 Year in Review

2020 Year in Review

There are some people that may want erase 2020 from the history books, but there are some milestones in sexual health that warrant attention. The pandemic reminded us of many important life lessons. We’ve learned how important it is to always cherish family and friends, stay connected to loved ones, and maintain sexual intimacy. Here are some pivotal sexual highlights for 2020.

Everywhere you turn there is another use for CBD or THC oil. There are many ways people are utilizing CBD, by taking it orally, using it as an oil. You can even find it in lubricants that enhance and entice sexual excitement.

New Contraception
We’ve also seen new drugs for women’s health that will ultimately change how women choose their contraceptive method. Phexxi is a new pH modulator that comes in a prefilled syringe. You take one dose, one hour before intercourse. This on-demand method allows women to be in more control. Another new method is Annovera. It’s a vaginal ring that is placed in the vagina for three weeks. You take it out for one week, wash it, and then is re-inserted. One ring will last for up to 13 months. You can forget those monthly trips to the pharmacy with what some say is the ultimate experience in convenience. Tyblume is the latest combined oral contraceptive pill to hit the market. It is low dose and low side effect profile. Bonus: it’s chewable!

Sexual Pandemic
With the pandemic and social distancing, safe sex has taken on new meaning. While many societies have advocated that, “you are your safest sexual partner,” the new field of digisexuality has exploded. Digisexuality is when technology and sexuality collide. Virtual reality sexual encounters are at an all-time high, and chat room rendezvous can happen at any time of the day or night.

Polyamorous Relationships
You may be one of the people who received their first invitation to a swinger party this year. Open relationships have become more mainstream and more people are discussing their new paradigms for sexual success. Curiosity led men and women to begin exploring sexuality boundaries. Open relationships, while at times challenging, can be healthy with clear and directed communication, mutually consensual boundaries, and trust. The most important thing when exploring open relationships is mutual respect.

Pure Romance and the Patty Brisben Foundation (PBF)
Pure Romance saw the introduction of some new sex-santional accessories, including touch-sensor technology that only vibrates when touching skin and an enhancement G-spot cream called GPS. The Patty Brisben Foundation, which works to educate and fund research for women’s sexual health, has been busy during 2020. PBF has been creating and publishing many new resources and brochures for clients and Partners. The pandemic did not stop the PBF from formulating a new medical advisory board and organizing the first-ever virtual PBF Gala! The gala was a huge overwhelming success and donations encompassed more than $295,000 for female sexual health research.

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