5 Fun and Fancy-Free Mother’s Day Activities

5 Fun and Fancy-Free Mother’s Day Activities

There’s no better time to honor the incredible women who have shaped our lives than Mother’s Day. This year, why not make Mother’s Day extra special by planning some quality bonding time with your mom? After all, what she really wants is time spent with you. From pampering spa days to adventurous outings, we’ve curated a list of experiences that are sure to make this Mother’s Day one to remember.

Have a Spa Day

Research a local spa and schedule some much-deserved pampering time for both you and your mother. Is everywhere booked? No need to worry. A spa day at home is simple to execute and will have your mother in awe of your planning and decorative skills. Pamper mom with fancy facemasks, cucumber eye patches, and foot soaks while she sips on bottomless cocktails. For ideas, tips, and tricks on how to plan the perfect spa day, check out our Pinterest board.

Create Something Together

Is mom a crafter? A baker? Maybe she loves a good scrapbooking session? Whatever it is, do it together. Take her favorite activity and make it an all-day event. Get the supplies together, make a batch of her favorite cocktail, and have her favorite snacks on hand to keep her energized for a day filled with her favorite crafts and person.

Breakfast in Bed

This one is a classic for a reason. One thing moms don’t get enough of is sleep. Even with kids grown and out of the house, the bad sleep patterns created by having children stick with them. Remember, you’re a grown up now. Toast and eggs aren’t going to wow your mom like they used to. Go all out with the menu. Hell, print out a menu. Wake her up with flowers on the bedside, a mimosa on a coaster, and a four-course meal to keep her full till next Mother’s Day. Four courses might be a bit much, but you know what we mean. Oh, and we have a Pinterest board filled with ideas to get you started.

Take a Day Trip

There is something beautifully simple about exploring your environment. Give your mom a unique experience that might turn into a family tradition. There is always something to explore nearby. Maybe it’s a hiking trail that leads to a family picnic spot or discover a town close to home filled with culture and fun activities. A quick google search should help you discover local gems. Accompany your day trip with an itinerary on how you’ll spend your day, where you’ll eat, and the local spots you know mom will want to hit.

Clean the Whole House

Surprise mom with a clean home this Mother’s Day. Take over her daily chores and give her the gift of free time. You may not notice just how much mom does in a day. Taking over her daily chores will not only free up her Mother’s Day celebrations but give you an appreciation for just how much mom does. Make sure to take special care of every nook and cranny and have the whole place sparkling, just like mom does.

However, you decide to celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day, make sure it’s catered to her personality. This is your day to make your mom feel special and whatever you do, your effort and hard work will be present enough.

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