6 Daily Mantras Of Empowered Women

6 Daily Mantras Of Empowered Women

Practice makes perfect, and that’s just as true when it comes to our mindset.

Being and feeling empowered is a conscious decision we make every day—by knowing our worth, starting every day with a positive outlook, and using our voice to support ourselves and other women. You can make feeling empowered as natural as breathing when you embrace the 6 mantras below.

Mantra 1: I have what it takes to face any challenge.
Remember, you have everything you need to work hard and stand strong in the face of new challenges. Whether it’s work-related or personal, bravely welcome these challenges and pair it with a positive attitude–it might just open exciting new doors.

Mantra 2: I will learn something new today.
Empowerment comes with the recognition that our world is ever-changing. Dedicating ourselves to education is necessary for growth and a deeper understanding of those around us.

Mantra 3: I embrace the power of forgiveness.
Forgiveness is freedom from negative feelings. There’s no need to waste energy on negativity when focusing on positivity can bolster self-love and free us from needless emotional pain.

Mantra 4: I deserve self-care.
The daily grind of being an empowered woman at work and home means self-love can sometimes take a backseat. Empowered women give themselves the time necessary to unwind and relax.

Mantra 5: I will not overly apologize.
If an empowered woman is truly wrong, she gives respect where it’s due. However, she knows a self-blame mindset will not foster empowerment, it only harms her confidence.

Mantra 6: I am not paralyzed by mistakes.
Even the most successful women have a setback or a misstep. The key is persevering. Own your mistakes and take them for what they are: valuable life experience.

An empowered, positive mindset doesn’t happen overnight, but you’ve got this! Try focusing on a different mantra each day. Repeat your chosen mantra to yourself every morning and repeat it periodically throughout the day. Namaslay!

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