69-ing Like a Pro

69-ing Like a Pro

Looking to celebrate National Sex Day? Whether you’re a sex aficionado looking to up your game or a curious newbie ready to dive into the world of mutual pleasure, we’ve got the saucy scoop you need to 69 like a pro!

Pillow Talk – Literally

While the 69 is undeniably fun, the neck strain can sometimes be a passion-killer. However, introducing a soft, fluffy prop (like a pillow, not a teddy bear – let’s keep childhood out of this) under the neck can work wonders. It helps ease the strain and lets you focus on the ‘task’ at hand (or mouth, as it were).

Have a Stairway to Heaven

We’re not suggesting you pile on top of each other (unless you’re into that), but strategic positioning can make a world of difference. Lying side-by-side or with one person on top can change the game entirely. Explore and find what positions feel like your stairway to heaven.

Maintain the Connection

While it’s easy to get lost in your own pleasure, don’t forget about the connection with your partner. Eye contact may not be possible in this position, but there are other ways to stay connected. Using your hands to caress your partner’s body or holding them close can intensify the emotional connection and the overall experience.

Tongues, Fingers, and Toys – Oh My!

The best thing about the 69? Two words: double duty. While your mouth is busy exploring, your hands are free to roam. And why not bring in a fun guest star – a cheeky sex toy? With a vibrator buzzing in the right places, you’re setting the stage for a grand finale that’s more explosive than the end of a fireworks show.

Whisper Sweet Nothings

Communication is sexy. We’re not suggesting you conduct a boardroom meeting in the middle of your sexploration, but some feedback can make the difference between an ‘oh…okay’ and an ‘OH…YES’ experience. And remember, moans count as feedback too!

Keep it Steamy, Not Stuffy

Breathing – it’s necessary for life and absolutely crucial when you’re buried in the heat of the moment (quite literally in the 69 position). A simple trick? Alternate your rhythm. One person inhales while the other exhales. It’s almost like you’re doing a sexy yoga breathing exercise!

Safety Can Be Sexy

Keep your fun times truly fun with barrier methods like dental dams. They can come in an array of flavors, adding a dash of zesty surprise to your steamy session. Think of it as a tasty lollipop wrapper, but for grown-ups! You can also add a flavored lubricant to add to the enjoyment.

Flip the script in the bedroom and have a great experience with these tips! After all, you don’t have to try 69 different positions in the bedroom to find the perfect one for your relationship.

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