Cancer the Romancer

Cancer the Romancer

Cancer Dates

Dates: June 21 – July 21

Cancer Traits

Loyal. Protective. Intuitive. Caring.

2021 Sexscope

Now is the time to embrace emotion, Cancer. We’re kicking off the season with much more stability than last year, as the world reopens after COVID-19 shutdowns.

The summer solstice has ushered in emotional warmth, depth, and new beginnings. Try something adventurous with your dating routine. Self-care is extra important since you care so much for others. It’s time to focus on yourself in the bedroom and not worry about anyone else!

Mercury retrograde has come to an end. Now is the time to communicate and create connections. Learn something new about yourself or your partner. Soon, Mercury will join the sun, making you more sensitive and intuitive with thoughts and interactions. Your energy will inspire those around you to soak in their own feelings.

Triple Orgasm Machine

Discover your new passion with the Triple Orgasm Machine. This 3-in-1 vibrator will give you opportunities to learn something new about yourself. Give yourself a chance to relax on your own and focus on your own emotions.

HēLi – Body Soak

Ease into your self-care with our CBD-infused salts. Unburden your mind from the stress of the day and focus on a soothing soak. Not only with the lavender and chamomile soothe your mind, but the Epsom salt will also soothe your sore muscles.

Hot Date Night Game

Turn up the heat and communication with your partner with the Hot Date Night Game. Take it slow or make it sizzling with four different decks ranging from hot to hottest. Discover something new about you or your partner!

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