Livin’ Libido Loco: Why Sex After 60 is on the Rise

Livin’ Libido Loco: Why Sex After 60 is on the Rise

Great sex at any age is music to our ears. Surprisingly, the peak time for sex in your life isn’t your 20s and 30s. New research shows a majority of those in their 60s are having the best sex of their lives. In fact, 74% of those sexually active after they turn 60 say their orgasms are just as good, if not better, than ever.

Let’s break down the numbers from the study and if you’re looking to get it on in your 60s, what are the best ways to explore your sexuality and live libido loco.

60 is the New 50

The results from the Kinsey Institute survey show that two-thirds of respondents say that being sexually active is beneficial for the mind and body. But, only 21% report having partnered sex within the last year. Why is that? Unfortunately, there is a shortage of men. In 2021, there were 124 women over 65 to every 100 men.

But sex changes as you age, as respondents reflect on their experiences in the bedroom. Most (57%) say sexual experiences are satisfying even if they don’t orgasm. Plus, most women say that penetrative sex isn’t necessary for an intimate experience. They’re exploring more with cuddling, kissing, massaging, and getting into that deep personal intimacy that often doesn’t come with the one-night stands experienced by those in their 20s.

Common Issues

We’re not saying there aren’t some issues as you age. 57% of respondents say their desire is lower than it was 10 years ago. That can be caused by many reasons and there are solutions to all of them.

Maybe you’re experiencing vaginal drying that is making sex or masturbation uncomfortable. There is a wide variety of lubricants that can help ease discomfort. Maybe you’re not feeling as much “spontaneous desire” and need more foreplay to get in the mood. Talk with your partner about initiating intimacy with a back rub, flirting, or cuddling. But if you’re having problems with sexuality, the number one recommendation is to talk to a doctor who has experience with menopause.

Solo Play

We mentioned earlier that there is a man shortage as you age. But since more than half of the respondents say they have given themselves a little self-love within the past year, there is a way around this roadblock. 56% of those women say they reach for a sex toy when it comes time to masturbate. As the expert in intimacy, we have some great options for your toy chest if you’re over 60, or just in the mood.

The Adventurer Curve

Enjoy luxe accents, air pressure, and G-spot stimulation for a feast of the senses. Sometimes, it can take longer as you age to reach orgasm. But with a toy that is dual-action and combines clitoral and vaginal stimulation, this is the perfect match for your needs. Plus, the massager curves to nestle in your favorite pleasure spot as you enjoy thumping, pulsing, or air pressure stimulation.

Hard To Handle

Ergonomic handle and powerful vibes? Yes, please! This dual-action vibrator has two arms, so you can decide if you want simultaneous or just clitoral or vaginal stimulation. The flexible design makes the toy customizable to fit against different body shapes so you can enjoy the contact you crave.

Opening Act

Talk about options! This 30-function vibrator is ergonomically contoured to dance down every curve. It can also be used as a powerful massager to soothe tense muscles. Try it in the bedroom, bath, or anywhere you want.

Don’t be afraid to change things up in the bedroom. Your taste buds change throughout the years, so why wouldn’t your sexual appetite? Experiment with new techniques as you age and you may find that sex is like a fine wine… it gets better with age.

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