‘Let’s stay in tonight’ has never sounded so good! Check out these seven perfect in-home date ideas!

The next time you’re looking for an exciting place to go on a date, try the living room! Check out these seven creative ideas for a date night at home.

1. Cook something up.

Plan a meal from beginning to end. Pick the recipe, shop for tasty ingredients, and cook together! You’ll work together, the kitchen will put you in close quarters, and at the end of the date, you’ll share a delicious meal.

2. Movie marathon.

Who says movies are better on the big screen? Show your partner how well you know them by renting a few of their favorite flicks, stopping by the store for snacks and sweet treats, and creating a cozy space to kick back and relax together. Turn the lights out and watch (or don’t…) the night away!

3. Play games.

No need to overcomplicate the simple! Bust out some board games, create some flirty competition, and laugh together! End with an adult card game to finish up your date with a little sizzle!

4. Camp out.

It’s hard to feel like you can ever slow down and be alone with your partner in today’s world. Leave your phones in the house and spend the night outdoors. Take a walk around your neighborhood holding hands and stargazing. Let sparks fly and build a fire in the backyard so that you can roast marshmallows while you sit close. Then spend the night keeping each other warm in a tent!

5. DIY project.

Make that Pinterest board come to life! Get your creative juices flowing and head to the closest home improvement store together to get supplies for that project you’ve been wanting to complete. Helping one another and creating something together will craft up more than just home decor… that’s for certain!

6. Exercise.

Have a date that’s good for your relationship and your health! Lace up your sneakers and gear up for a jog around the neighborhood or tune in to a fitness video from home and tone up together. Between your huffs and puffs, you can reconnect, chat about your day, and motivate each other! At the end of the workout when you’re feelin’ good, hit the showers — together!

7. Plan a spa night.

Get in touch with your date by having a massage night. Be sure to set the scene: Light some scented candles, pick up massage lotion, and play soothing music. Take turns relieving each other’s tensions and let the romantic environment take over.

Any date is what you make it. If you and your date can relax and have fun, the world is your playground—even if that world exists only in your living room.

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