Our 10 Favorite Euphemisms for Masturbation

Our 10 Favorite Euphemisms for Masturbation

What’s our favorite word for that intimate escapade? We’re not picking favorites, but we are diving headfirst into the wild world of slang terms for female pleasure. Language gets cheeky and individualistic when discussing intimate delights, and we’re here for it! It’s a playful exploration of the lexicon that adds a wink and a nudge to the conversation about female pleasure.

Unravel the cheeky and often hilarious language people use to describe the oh-so-satisfying world of pleasure. (You may even see one of your favorite euphemisms from our recent social post included!) Get ready to giggle, blush, and maybe discover your new favorite euphemism for masturbation as we navigate a playful lexicon that spices up the conversation around female delight.

Double-clicking the mouse

Double-click to open endless options for pleasure – more than listed on your computer menu.

Polishing my china

There is a science to polishing fine china just as there is for your pleasure—a ladylike option in place of others on this list.

Diddle the skittle

Taste every color of the rainbow with our fun and flavorful lubricant options for added pleasure.


Self-service is 24/7 and convenient in more ways than one.

Doing a Meg Ryan

An “O so perfect movie reference, but you won’t be faking!

Twanging the meringue

Whip up pleasure while you twang the meringue.

Beating around the bush

When you’re done beating around the bush, can you finally spill the beans?

Minding the gap

Mind the orgasm gap by relying on yourself for personal pleasure.

Manual override

Take control of your pleasure the old-school way with manual override (AKA your fingers)!

Purely romancing yourself

Perfect for using your favorite Pure Romance vibe – our personal favorite form of romance!

10 masturbation euphemisms to enjoy, but so many more to explore! What’s your favorite? What did we miss? Tell us on social media!

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