Quiz: What’s your Sexual Blueprint?

Quiz: What’s your Sexual Blueprint?

If there is one thing you should be clear on this new year, it’s your sexual blueprint.

A sexual blueprint is an arousal map to your primary sexual style, which includes the types of pleasure you enjoy, your turn-ons, turnoffs, and most importantly, what can make you orgasm. With each sexual blueprint, there are ways to thrive and there are shadows. Shadows are the negative sides to a blueprint that kill your access to pleasure through beliefs, judgments, and feelings. Wonder what your sexual blueprint is? Let’s find out.



You’re turned on by exploring all your senses during intimacy. This includes romantic music, aphrodisiacs, sensual smelling candles. Heat play will turn you on like no other. Introduce a massage candle or a heated toy into the bedroom to really get your blood pumping. Sometimes, it’s about taking away the senses. A blindfold is perfect for depriving one sense and, in turn, enhancing the others. In short, it’s all about the vibes.

Sensual shadow: If something is off in the environment for the sensual blueprint, the whole night will be off. Lights off? Vibe killer. Unpleasant smell? No sex for you tonight. Environment is key.


It’s the anticipation that does it for you. You love to be longed for, teased, sought after. You often read romance novels with a lot of spice and buildup. If you’re buzzing with sexual tension right before that first kiss, you may be the energetic type. I’m not talking about that nervous feeling in your stomach. I’m talking about that downstairs tingling that might have you turn a first kiss into something a bit more heated (if you catch my drift). You pick up on people’s energies and tend to be deeply intuitive, which leads to deeper sexual connections and in turn, full-body, mind-blowing, earth-shattering orgasms. Congrats!

Energetic shadow: Focus on your breath. The energetic type tends to get anxious, overwhelmed, and shut down if things move too quickly. Remember to breathe, take your relationship one day at a time, and try not to rush things.


You can get quite literal and that is not a bad thing. You are all about the ins and outs of sex (pun intended). Just like millions of other people, you’re turned on by porn, maybe have a soft spot for voyeurism, and are into all things nudity, genitals, orgasm, and penetration. You’re turned on by the simple thought of sex. When the average person thinks about sex 10-19 times a day, you’re getting horny… a lot. People appreciate your simplicity when it comes to sex. It’s straightforward, unadulterated, and uncomplicated.

Sexual Shadow: Your sex can be very genital-oriented. Orgasm is your main goal which can lead to missing out on key elements of intimacy with your partner. If your partner brings up wanting more in the bedroom, be open to it. It’s not all about the orgasm.


Taboo is your middle name. You are primarily excited by activities outside the social norm of sex. You say, “screw the social norm.” You tend to lean towards fantasy and creativity when it comes to your sexual style. Comfort zones are just a suggestion for you and you’re ready to push your personal boundaries. It’s important for you to have a kink-positive partner who’s open to adventurous play. Lean into your fetishes and don’t let societal norms dictate your pleasure.

Kinky Shadow: What turns you on is taboo and you can feel shameful about it. Shame can also be part of your turn on if that’s something you’re into. Shame happens. Just make sure it doesn’t prohibit you from fully enjoying pleasure.


You are truly one in a million, mostly because you’re turned on by a million things. Sensual, sexual, kinky, or energetic? You’re all types in one. Because of our versatility, it is important for you to build a robust sexual toolkit filled with toys, outfits, and instruments designed to amplify your play. Make a bucket list. Write down every little thing that revs your engine and get to work. The best part about being a shapeshifter? You shapeshift into an amazing lover for any partner. This can lead to pleasing people, which isn’t a bad thing! Just don’t let it consume your life.

Shapeshifter Shadow: Because you experience all the sexual interests of the sexual blueprints, you also experience all the shadows. You may feel like you are “too much” for your sexual partners. You have a hunger that is never fully satisfied. This can be a lot to work through, but with patience and an understanding partner, anything is possible.

Sexual blueprints are like your erotic personality type. Learning how you’re sexually wired and what your boundaries are will help create positive and satisfying sexual experiences for you and your partners. When we understand our own needs, desires, and boundaries, we experience more inhibited pleasure.


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