Read It and Orgasm Quiz: Spicy Book and Vibrator Pairings

Read It and Orgasm Quiz: Spicy Book and Vibrator Pairings

Have you been wanting to get into reading, but you don’t know where to start? If you are wanting a genre that will keep you hooked from beginning to end, romance is the one for you. Take the quiz below and read on for a mild (🌶) to wild (🌶 🌶 🌶 🌶 🌶) book to add to your TBR, or “To Be Read” list. You may even find the perfect vibrator to pair with your book!


“Love and Other Words”
By Christina Lauren

This book is so cute and beautifully written that you won’t be able to put it down. Macy and her dad buy a small vacation home outside of San Francisco. Their first day at the house, Macy goes into her room and finds a boy around her age reading in her closet. He introduces himself as Elliot Petropoulos and he lives next door with his family. Elliot and Macy bond over books and they talk about their favorite words. This continues through Macy and her dad’s visits over the years. This story is told through time jumps from twelve years ago to present day and you follow their journey of getting super close and becoming best friends. Then it turns into something more, but they turn into strangers again until a chance encounter years later. This book is a very quick read and has just enough spice to satisfy you!

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“Weather Girl”
By Rachel Lynn Solomon

This book follows Ari Abrams, who is a meteorologist, and Russell, who is a sportscaster. Both Ari and Russell’s bosses are divorced and it is making tensions very high within the news station. So, they team up to try and reconcile them. If you like the movie “Set It Up” on Netflix with Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell, this book is for you. Not many romances can say that they are super realistic, but this one perfectly rides the line of realistic, while also still captivating readers. The characters have conflicts and insecurities that are very relatable, making it easier for readers to really see themselves in the characters. And don’t let the cute cartoon cover fool you, this book has got some kick!

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“Spoiler Alert”
By Olivia Dade

We are kicking it up a notch with this one. Olivia Dade doesn’t shy away from the spicy details of the relationship in this book at all. From almost having sex in the front yard to excerpts from spicy fanfictions, it will keep you turning pages for more. “Spoiler Alert:” the book follows April, who is a hardcore fan of the television show “God of the Gates.” She writes fanfiction and cosplays as her favorite character from the show, a hobby that she hides from her coworkers and others in her “real life.”

Marcus is an actor on this television show, but he has a secret of his own. After April decides she doesn’t want to hide that part of her life anymore, she posts a picture of herself in a Lavinia costume. April is proud of being a plus-size woman, but the rest of the world disagrees. People begin to attack her post. So, Marcus steps up and tweets that he would love to take her on a date. Their date goes horribly wrong, but not before Marcus realizes that he wants to date April for real. This is also a great book for plus-sized representation and empowerment!

If you like this one, there is a sequel titled “All the Feels” that follows Marcus’ best friend Alex and Lauren, who is hired to keep Alex from running his mouth and getting sued. Step into the world of “God of the Gates” and fall in love with these amazing characters! These romantic comedies are set in the world of fanfiction and will have you alternating between smiling from ear to ear, tearing up, and fanning yourself.

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“It Happened One Summer”
By Tessa Bailey

No smutty book recommendation list would be complete without some Tessa Bailey love. She writes fun romances with all kinds of different tropes and her characters are always very well-written. This book follows Piper who is a spoiled rich girl living in LA. She gets in trouble (again) at a party she threw for her friends and jeopardizes her stepdad’s next film production job. So, he sends her and her sister to Westport, a small town where their birth dad was from to learn the value of money.

There she meets Brendan, a very serious and stern captain of a king crab fishing boat. He ends up having a soft spot for her that he can’t really explain and she ends up falling for him too, despite his tough exterior. This is another great grumpy & sunshine book and it is the first of a duology. The second book is “Hook, Line, and Sinker” and it follows Piper’s sister Hannah and Brendan’s best friend Fox. Also, this book is becoming a movie, so make sure to read the book before its release! You are bound to fall in love with the world of the Bellinger sisters.

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“The Fine Print”
By Lauren Asher

Have you ever wanted the feel of Disney World, but make it spicy? Look no further. This book follows Rowan, who is the grandson of the founder of Dreamland, a theme park in Florida that is based around princesses and other imaginary characters. Sound familiar? Anyway, the grandfather passes away and instructs Rowan to take over as the Director of the park and find ways to improve it.

Zahra works in the salon in the park that makes kids look like princes and princesses, but her big dream is to be on the Creator team, the people who design all the new rides and attractions at the park. Their attraction to each other is instant, even though they try and fight it. If you love a grumpy and sunshine trope, this one is for you. This book has some serious spice, but it also has a strong plot separate from the romance that makes it hard to put down.

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“Faking With Benefits”
By Lily Gold

This book checks all the boxes: a great storyline, lovable characters, believable conflicts, and some VERY spicy scenes. It follows Layla, a small business owner who designs and sells lingerie. She has been on 120 dates recently and not one of them led to a second. She talks about it with her three male neighbors who do a podcast called “Three Single Guys,” where they give relationship advice. So, they offer to fake date her to teach her how to flirt and date. Yes, you heard that right, all three of them offer to do this “experiment” for a segment of their podcast.

Romances sometimes add in conflicts just because they feel they need to. But the conflicts in this book really fit, and they are implemented smoothly. It is kind of like the tv show “New Girl,” but if Jess was with all the guys, instead of just Nick. What’s not to love about that? This is a friends to lovers reverse harem, so that makes for some scenes that are sure to leave you reaching for your favorite

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You can’t go wrong with any of the books listed above, they all are a great addition to your TBR list. These cover a wide range of tropes from friends to lovers, workplace romance, grumpy & sunshine, fake dating, and many more. You’re also bound to love other books these authors have in their backlists. Happy reading!

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