Best Sex Toys for Couples

Best Sex Toys for Couples

Routine can feel like the end of romance in the bedroom. You and your partner love each other and know each other well enough to navigate every curve of their body in the dark. Sometimes, it’s nice to have something safe and familiar in the bedroom, but it’s also great to shake things up. Studies show that it can also have great benefits for your relationship in the long-term.

In fact, adding a toy into the mix can increase passion and desire over the course of your relationship. A 2016 study from Chapman University found that men and women who used toys together reported feeling more satisfied. There you have it! Adding sex toys into the mix can break that routine and add spice and intimacy with your partner.

You have many options when choosing what adult toy to introduce to your partner. Luckily, Pure Romance has the best sex toys for couples for you to choose from. From c-rings to remote-controlled vibrators to roleplay items, you can find the perfect product to fit your relationship. Let’s look at the best sex toys for couples.


Double Feature has two rings to give you both satisfaction

You may be thinking, “What is a c-ring?” Well, it’s the most popular and beloved toy when it comes to couples toys. The “C” stands for constriction. You may have heard this called a “cock-ring” as well. You put this ring around the base of the penis to constrict blood flow, making him last longer. Not only is this helpful for erectile dysfunction, but it can also make him seem bigger and more sensitive.

Another benefit to c-rings is that many come with a clitoral tickler. You have something for him and her, all in one toy! Since most women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm (more than 80%), this is a great way to make sure you’re both satisfied at the end of the night. And isn’t that always the end goal?

Some c-rings go the extra mile, like Double Feature. This toy has 10 clitoral vibrator functions and twin rings that will give you both satisfying sensations. Why two rings? One goes over the penis while the other goes over the testicles for extra constriction. Pro tip: use a creamy lubricant with c-rings for the ultimate in glide and sensation.

Remote-Controlled Toys

clitoral vibrator Box Office is a great first remote-controlled vibrator.

Who says all the fun has to happen in the bedroom? With a remote-controlled vibrator you can tease and please your partner from almost anywhere. These toys come with a wireless remote. So, you can wear the toy and give your partner the control. Live on the edge of suspense as your partner decides when to turn you on and how much power to give you.

You decide how to use this versatile toy. Bring the heat when you’re just doing chores around the house, add some foreplay to date night dinners, or mix up how you get started in the bedroom. With the wireless remote, you can bring the heat from across the room.

A great first remote-controlled vibe is Box Office. This clitoral vibrator features magnetic tabs to keep it in place throughout your wild night. The contoured surface gives texture as you enjoy three vibrating speeds and seven pulsing patterns. Plus, you can enjoy it in the bath or shower. This is a great toy for any type of play.

Fantasy Play

Give your partner control by using handcuffs

Explore the world of fantasy with a variety of products that heighten your senses for a more intimate experience. It’s a great way to open the door to roleplay and dive into a personality or role that is completely different than your norm. Before you begin into adding this to the bedroom, we recommend having an open and honest conversation about boundaries and safe words.

Then, you can go over some roleplay ideas that you would like to incorporate. The most common roleplay fantasies include a having someone act as a police officer, a maid, or a king/queen. But you base the experience off your own desire.

When you think of roleplay, you may also think, “What are the accessories I’ll need?” There are plenty that can have an impact with roleplay. One of the most common accessories is a blindfold. By taking away one sense, you heighten the others. This can make it more tantalizing when your partner drags a feather across your skin or teases you by dragging ice down your back. Adding restraints, like handcuffs, are another way to give one person control. The options are endless when you open the door to roleplaying. Let your imagination run wild!

Whether you’ve been together for a long time or are new to a relationship, adding a couples toy can heighten intimacy and excitement. Sit down and talk with your partner about what you both might enjoy and then scroll through our products to decide what’s the best fit. Start with one and then expand your collection. Adding variety to the bedroom will help increase trust and satisfaction in your relationship. What are you waiting for? Mix up that routine and introduce a couples toy today!

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