Sexual Enhancement Creams and Gels

Sexual Enhancement Creams and Gels

Intimacy plays such a vital role in your relationship. It is a key component to keeping things flowing happily and growing closer together. But what happens when you are not fully enjoying your sexy time because of painful intercourse, having trouble with arousal, or not being able to reach the orgasm that we all deserve?

You are not alone!

Many women around the world find themselves unhappy with their sexual encounters. According to recent studies, about 10% to 15% of women have never experienced an orgasm. And around 50% of women are unsatisfied with how often they reach orgasm.

You don’t have to be a part of these statistics anymore thanks to our enhancement creams and gels!

Whether you are interested in a vaginal tightening cream, clitoral stimulation gel, G-Spot cream, or prolonging gel, Pure Romance has it all! Female and male enhancement creams can bring you and your partner endless pleasure in the bedroom.

You might be wondering which sexual enhancement products would really get your bedroom experience where you want it to be. Keep in mind, everyone has different needs and wants, and there is no wrong answer here.

Keep reading for a little rundown on what exactly sexual enhancement products do and get a feel for which one is right for you!    

Male enhancement

Prolonging gel

One way to make your intimate experience better is with prolonging gel. If your partner struggles with staying excited then this one's for you! Prolonging gel reduces the friction sensation during intercourse, making it easier for your partner to control their orgasm. When the prolonging gel takes effect, it desensitizes the penis to extend the pleasure of sexual activity. Your partner will thank you for this one!

Change expectations in the bedroom with Up All Night prolonging cream. Our prolonging cream promotes extended performance and will have him in the mood until the sun comes up. A little bonus feature of our prolonging cream is the sweet cherry limeade flavor, making it perfect for oral pleasure too!

Oral gel

Does your partner love oral favors but it's just not your thing? Try an oral gel that can get you both in the mood. This will feel great for him and give you a little flavor to enjoy.

Our Great Head oral gel will help you both get in the mood. Enjoy the taste of amazing strawberries dipped in warm sugar. Our oral gel is also created to relax your throat and curb your gag reflex, making you able to give your partner the oral favor of their dreams.

Female enhancement

Vaginal Tightening Cream

The excitement that vaginal tightening cream brings to you and your partner's sex life is like no other. When using this one-of-a-kind cream, it provides temporary constriction to superficial tissue and enhances elasticity of the vaginal muscles. This gives you and your partner a more sensational feel all around.   

Our Like A Virgin vaginal tightening cream will have you and your partner's pleasure levels running wild! Our cream only takes 30 minutes to reach the full effect and will have you feeling tighter to your partner, while making him feeling larger to you. Our vaginal tightening cream pairs perfectly with your favorite sex toy too!   

Clitoral Stimulation Gel

Another great option to get things going is clitoral gel. Many women describe the thrill of clitoral gel as a vibrating sensation. Clitoral gel gives off this vibrating sensation by pulling blood to the skin’s surface and adding increased intensity.

Our “O” Vanilla Frosting clitoral gel is made with sensory-enriching ingredients that will have you and your partner experiencing intense and unforgettable sexual encounters. In fact, it’s the strongest enhancement cream in the Pure Romance lineup. The tingling sensation our clitoral gel provides is not only amazing for you, but also for your partner. It only takes a pea-sized amount to get things going! 

G-Spot Cream 

Next up, are the wonders of using a G-Spot cream. Many people do not know there is a difference between experiencing a G-Spot orgasm and a clitoral orgasm. When a clitoral orgasm occurs, women do not feel the same rhythmic impulses they would while having a G-Spot orgasm. This cream stimulates the erectile tissue of the vaginal walls and creates powerful, unforgettable orgasms. Overall, a G-Spot orgasm is a whole-body experience. Every woman deserves that in their life!

You’ll find our GPS G-Spot cream is what you need! This cream is specifically formulated to stimulate your G-spot and provide you with an unreal orgasm. It’s infused with intimacy-boosting ginseng root extract, tingling spearmint leaf oil, and a triple blend of ingredients. GPS also makes it easier to find the elusive erogenous zone to get you where you want to go.

If you or your partner are stuck in a dry spell, let the sexual enhancement adventure begin and really ramp up your sex life! Don’t wait any longer, everyone deserves more pleasurable encounters. Pure Romance is here for you!

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