5 Great Activities for Father’s Day

5 Great Activities for Father’s Day

It feels like Mother’s Day just happened (it did), but it’s officially Father’s Day season!

Dads are famously harder to shop for than moms. When’s the last time you saw a dad with a wish list? Some are fine with getting a tie every year. Some like acts of service. Some dads just want, in the words of my own father, “some peace and quiet for once.” It’s a wide spectrum of options. If you haven’t made plans for Father’s Day, here are some fun ways to switch it up this Father’s Day.

Take a bike ride

Make the most of the beautiful weather and gather the family for a ride on a local bike path! Enjoy the wind in your hair and work up an appetite for your Father’s Day meal that you’re going to enjoy later.

Grill out

If there’s one thing that dads love, it’s manning the grill. However, a lot of prep work is required before meat meets flame. My dad says it best, “Hours to make. Minutes to eat.” Show some love and join him as a sous chef! Save him the trouble of chopping veggies, seasoning the protein, or even setting up the grill. If you’re looking for a classic steak recipe guaranteed to please, surprise him with this one.

Do a blind beer taste test

If your dad loves going to local breweries and comparing the hoppiness of different IPAs, this will be a great treat! Grab some local beer from the store and make sure he doesn’t see the labels. See if dad can guess the beer!

Wash the car

Some dads are classic car guys. If your dad treats his hot rod with tender love and care, nothing beats taking care of his baby… well, his other baby. Grab some supplied and bathing suit. As a bonus, treat him to this soundtrack of songs that have gracefully aged into a genre we lovingly call “Dad Rock.” We got everything from AC/DC to ZZ Top.

Ask him

Growing up, a lot of a dad’s life revolves around his family. He’s there for a lot of your interests and pursuits, but that requires setting aside his own. We bet dad would be caught off guard if you just left the agenda up to him. Turn the tables and tag along to one of his hobbies, no questions asked.

We don’t give dad enough credit throughout the year and dealing with chaotic family life is no picnic. No matter how you spend your day, a Father’s Day spent with dad doing these activities together is sure to be full of love. Enjoy the day!

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