All About the A-spot

All About the A-spot

Vaginas are complicated, y’all.

And just when you think you’ve got it all figured out – BAM – there’s a whole new way to orgasm. While you probably think you already know your way around down there, there’s always new research, new products, and new techniques going viral that help shine light on new ways to perk up your pleasure center.

One such technique getting its day in the sun is A-spot stimulation. And this oft-unknown location within the vagina may just be a game-changer for some looking to increase their pleasure.

What is the A-spot?
The anterior fornix erogenous zone, AFE, or “A-spot” is an area located deep inside the vagina, a few inches past the G-spot, on the front vaginal wall. This area has been studied since the ‘80s but has yet to gain as much recognition as its cousin a few letters down the alphabet.

Unlike the G-spot and clitoris, the A-spot isn’t known for its ability to cause an orgasm directly. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of exploration! While the other two may be more of a main attraction, the A-spot is perfect for foreplay. Stimulating the spot can produce a lot of natural lubrication and help amp up arousal, creating the perfect scenario for orgasms.

Because of this, it’s also a great area to explore for those who suffer from vaginal dryness. In fact, in one study, two-thirds of participants that suffered from vaginal dryness found that A-spot stimulation helped them have a more comfortable experience during sex.

How to Find the A-spot
If you know where your G-spot is, you’re already halfway there! Along the front vaginal wall (the side closest to your stomach), a little past the G-spot, you’ll find your A-spot. It tends to be about four to five inches inside the vagina.

Your fingers can work for this, but if they prove too short, or you find yourself straining your hand, don’t be afraid to reach for a toy. (And it should go without saying that plenty of lubricant should be used, no matter how you’re going in.)

Explore slowly as you go deeper – there are sensitive parts (like the cervix) that can cause pain or discomfort when pressure is applied. If you’re having trouble finding it, don’t be discouraged! Being so deep in the vagina, the A-spot can be difficult to pinpoint. But once you do, you’ll likely find yourself becoming wetter and more aroused.

Use gentle side-to-side movements, circular motions, or other light strokes to stimulate the vaginal wall. The secret here is continual stimulation – not in-and-out motion. If you’re using a toy, leave the vibration off as you begin to explore, focusing on pressure and motion instead. This spot can be a slow burn for some, so take your time.

Tips to Try
Once you become more acquainted with the A-spot, you can start exploring ways to incorporate it into your intimacy. Here are some starter tips, but never be afraid to explore your pleasure!

Double the fun. Stimulate the A-spot in tandem with the clitoris for an intensely satisfying experience. (Maybe lay down a towel first.)

Bring in a partner. A penis can work just as well as a toy or fingers and can provide a more intimate experience as you and your partner begin slow, focusing on deep penetration and stimulation.

Explore positions. Speaking of adding in a partner, there are a handful of positions that can help stimulate the A-spot:

  • Missionary – putting a pillow or cushion under your hips during missionary can help create an angle to better stimulate the A-spot. If you’re flexible enough, you can also try bending your knees up towards your chest to shorten the vaginal canal and provide more direct access to your partner.
  • Doggie-style – Going in from behind can also help shorten the vaginal canal, making the A-spot easier to reach. Using pillows, cushions, or other furniture can help create the perfect angle for stimulation while also helping to ease the strain on the back. Incorporating these objects in doggie will also add light pressure to your abdomen, which that can help intensify pleasure. Another great alternative? Our position strap, Come From Behind. It can help apply this same pressure and find the best angle, all while giving your partner more leverage.
  • Anal Sex – If you enjoy anal sex, getting into positions that better allow the receiver the most control, such as being on top, can allow exploration to find the perfect angle to stimulate the A-spot anally.

From A to G
Hopefully, we’ve helped you discover a few new things about your body you didn’t know before, and with the uncovering of the A-spot, whet your appetite for sexual exploration!

With so much interest and attention (finally!) being paid to the female orgasm, we’re constantly learning about and running into new ideas and techniques to enhance pleasure.

Never be ashamed or discouraged if something doesn’t work for you, or you find something uncomfortable that others find mind-blowing. And never be afraid to explore something new! Pleasure isn’t one-size-fits-all.

Happy hunting 😉

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