Avoiding the Summer Sizzle

Avoiding the Summer Sizzle

In the middle of Summer, it can feel like cool and refreshing temperatures will never return. You will forever be reapplying deodorant, checking for pit stains, and covertly wiping sweat off your face. All this heat, and the resulting sweat, can leave you feeling less than sexy. Ain’t nobody got time for getting frisky when drenched in sweat. Here are a few ways you can cool down and be ready to enjoy the heat where it belongs… in the bedroom!

Apply some pressure… with ice

We all love a sensual massage, but you can turn up the heat while also bringing down the temperature. This is easy to do with or without a partner. All you need is ice! Toss a few cubes in a bag, wrap it in a towel, and place that ice on your pressure points. These include the ankles, back of knees, wrists, elbow bends, neck, temples. You’ll immediately feel the effects and be ready for anything!

Take a siesta

There’s nothing worse than being caught outside with the sun blazing overhead while you’re working hard. Avoid those UV rays between 11 AM and 2 PM and take a siesta. It can be a low-key rest, but I’m sure you can think of some other things to do during that time in bed. Take the time for yourself, or with a partner, to explore new sexual frontiers.

Get spicy

I mean literally! Spicy food increases your blood circulation and as you sweat, you cool down. Capsaicin, the compound in chili peppers, increases the heart rate, and releases mood-enhancing endorphins. This can be a great form of foreplay. Indulge in foods that include cayenne, curry, and cumin, so you can feel the benefits.

Embrace your inner child

It was true as a kid and it remains true today—one of the best ways to cool down on a hot day is by eating a popsicle. The only difference: now you can add alcohol. Grab them at your favorite grocer, find recipes anywhere for homemade boozy popsicles and, if you want to focus on making healthy choices, there are also fruit popsicle recipes. Lick and suck your way into relaxation!

Strip down

Take all those pesky layers off! Focus on breathable fabric that will give your body a chance to cool down. You may want to invest in nightwear that is light and airy (and sexy) with colors that match the summer season! If you’re comfortable, go au naturel.

Take advantage of technology

Who remembers standing in front of an open freezer on an extremely hot day in a hopeless effort to cool down? Well, there’s a better way! Put your favorite refreshing fragrance mist in the fridge and spritz yourself when you need it most. Another way to take advantage of all that cool air, put your bedsheets in the freezer 30 minutes before bed. Imagine crawling into those nice, chilled sheets. No more pulling away from cuddling because it’s too hot!

The summer will come to an end (eventually) but remember there are plenty of ways to cool down until then!

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