Caring Cancer

Caring Cancer

Cancer Dates:

June 21st– July 22nd

Cancer Characteristics:

Compassionate. Loyal. Moody.


Cancer! Ruler of the moon. The celestial body that represents all things, comfort, care, and maternal energies. As things heat up this summer, so will your adventures! Now is a great time to try something new, especially in your relationships. Keep an open mind and you’ll walk away from Cancer season with great memories and possibly a great new significant other.

Your time has come to be celebrated, but are the people around you doing enough to celebrate you all year long? Your ability to effortlessly pick up energies and respect other’s feelings isn’t being reciprocated and this year, changes need to be made to your social circle.

Remember to Take Care of Yourself

You are a natural born caregiver. Your maternal influences are unmatched. You often go out of your way to make others feel secure, comfortable, and special, but who’s doing that for you? You pour your heart into taking care of your friends, pets, even your plants, but you need to make sure someone is doing the same for you, or at least that you’re doing it for yourself. It’s about time you invest in products that remind you to treat and care for yourself as much as you care for other people.

Ditch Fake Friends

You are someone people flock to… for good reason. Your loyalty, charisma, and goofy sense of humor are things everyone wants on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean everyone deserves it. Don’t let people take advantage of your giving nature. Align yourself with like-minded individuals that want to care for you as much as you care for them. Don’t let frenemies bulldoze over you and your feelings. We know you hate direct conflict, but now you should stand up for yourself. Stop wasting your loyalty, commitment, and emotional depth on fake friends. Lose them.

Plan a Date Night!

You are the master of the ultimate date night. Make your loved one feel special without even leaving the house. You are your most comfortable at home, so plan the perfect date night while fulfilling your homebody tendencies. Fill the fridge with gourmet ingredients to whip up an envious dinner, turn on your partner’s favorite music, dim the lights, put a fake fire on the TV, and really set the mood for unforgettable night. If you’re looking to spice up date night even more, we know a card game that will do just the trick.

Say “Bye-Bye” to Casual Dating

Cancers are extremely sensual, sentimental beings. They lead with their heart in most areas of their life, but they also need to feel a special connection with a partner to truly enjoy their sex life. Don’t partake in the soon to be dead hook up culture. Focus your energy on finding a person who understands you, who you feel connected to, and who you are comfortable around. Remember, Cancers are givers and that personality trait translates to the bedroom. The more connected you feel to someone, the more turned on you’ll be, and the better sex you’ll have! Hey, maybe you’ll be comfortable enough to try some amazing couples toys while you’re at it.

You deserve to have it all, Cancer. It’s time to find not only your ride or die friends, but a partner that will give you all you deserve and more. Take care of yourself and your relationships and get treated the way you deserve to be treated this year.

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