We Love Dry January, Just Not in the Bedroom!

We Love Dry January, Just Not in the Bedroom!

Many people resolve to be healthier in the new year and one way to achieve this is by spending the first month of the year without drinking alcohol, otherwise known as Dry January. Since starting in 2013, the “sober-curious” movement has taken off, especially for younger generations. Last year, polls found that as many as one in seven Americans participated in Dry January. And the numbers keep rising. It’s likely that people who are attempting a dry January are also enjoying a better sex life (yes, please!). Why? Alcohol can actually have a negative effect on what happens in the bedroom.

Gynecologist and specialist in sexual health Dr. Michael Krychman says alcohol provokes desire but takes away the performance.

“Alcohol can lead to poor decision making and has been linked to increased risky sexual behaviors, which may put you and your partner at unnecessary risk for sexually transmitted diseases. Excessive alcohol can impact mood, affect communication and intimacy between a couple – it also can affect your judgement.”

Take this month to not only explore sober fun but have more sober adventures in the bedroom. Think about this: we’ve been quarantining for almost a year! Now is the perfect time to talk about adding toys or enhancement products to what has become a run of the mill routine. Break up the monotony of masturbation or sexual encounters with a new, fun way to feel sexy.

Dr. Krychman says, “Plan your sexual adventures to help you achieve your sexual resolutions of sexual health and wellness. Once you resume drinking, it’s important for your sexual and general health to always remember to engage in alcohol responsibly and always consider moderation!”

Even when Dry January ends, remember that alcohol only gives a temporary mood boost. The Indiana University School of Public Health and Pure Romance conducted a study and found maintaining social and sexual connections are the best way to fight off depression and loneliness. Basically, sex is essential, so why not make sure it’s extraordinary.

If you’re doing Dry January this year, there’s no reason it should extend to the bedroom! Pick up some lubricant, send a dirty text to your partner (or write yourself a dirty note) and get busy.

“From lubricants to lotions to couples’ toys, Pure Romance can help you make the most of your Dry January,” said Patty Brisben, company Founder and Chairwoman. “It’s important to make the most of our time together and what better way to do that safe, sober and sexy.”

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