Face Passion With These Sex Positions

Face Passion With These Sex Positions

I am a woman of habit. I wear my outfits in a specific order. I live by my spreadsheets. And not to be TMI, but I almost always opt for missionary sex. Sure, some folks consider it basic. Vanilla. But it’s reliable and it works for my body and, heck, I refuse to apologize for it.

In my fantasies, however, I’m a bit more of a wild card. Which makes me wonder: Wouldn’t it be nice for me to mix it up a bit?

So, as a challenge to myself and as motivation to our readers, I’m exploring some new positions.

Today, we’ll go into positions that have both partners seated face to face. These types of positions can really up intimacy levels during your sex sessions, as they’re ideal for some heavy eye gazing and deep, lingering kisses.

Perhaps you’ll discover a new favorite?

Seated on the bed or floor

There are a couple of ways to settle into this position. You should experiment and see what feels most comfortable to you.

In one version, the penetrating partner can sit on the floor or on the bed in a cross-legged position. The receiver sits in their lap, wrapping their legs around their partner’s waist. In this position, both parties have some control over the rhythm as they rock together.

Conversely, the penetrating partner can leave their legs stretched out as the receiving partner, again, wraps their legs around their partner’s waist. This gives the person on top more leverage to control the depth, speed, and rhythm of thrusting as their partner pulls them closer.

And in a bit of a twist, the receiver can always sit cross-legged on the floor—leaning back so their arms support them. Then, the penetrating partner climbs on top, kneeling with a leg on either side of their play partner. In this case, it’s totally up to the partner on top to make the magic happen in terms of thrust action.

Seated on a chair

Let’s incorporate some props! In this case, the penetrating partner sits on a sturdy chair or sofa, their feet firmly planted, and invites the receiving partner to climb on board. Depending on what type of furniture they’re using, the person on top can plant their feet for added stability or can draw their knees up and plant their shins on either side of their partner’s waist.

To increase the depth of penetration, the penetrating partner can scooch just a little bit closer to the front edge of their seat.

This is obviously a good one for taking sex play outside the bedroom.

Seated on a countertop, table, or other waist-high surface

To step things up just one more notch, the receiving partner can hop up onto the edge of a countertop or other convenient, waist-high surface. The penetrating partner remains standing, pulling their partner’s hips close for deeper penetration. Then, the receiving partner can wrap their legs around their partner’s waist and either grab ahold of their shoulders or lean back on their hands.

This one makes me feel like Diane Lane in… every movie she’s ever done.

Which one sparks your interest?

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