Getting Sexy For Spring

Getting Sexy For Spring

For many of us, it’s that time of year again. The sun is out, the weather is warming up –

spring is in the air! After a long winter, there’s nothing better than that first time you can roll down the windows, crank up your feel good playlist, and drive in actual, clear-skied sunlight.

Spring is a time of rejuvenation, renewal, growth…and it’s also the sexiest of the seasons. You read that right!

Some may argue for summer, with all the suntanning and swimsuits. Others might sit on the side of a cozy, sexy fall. And yet, others may claim winter as the sexiest. Spending time bundled up by the fire with your special someone certainly sounds sexy, but it still can’t hold a candle to the combination of effects spring has on our bodies and minds that make it the sexiest season.

So why is spring so sexy? And what can we do to make it even sexier?

Cold & Sad

If we’re going to talk about the effect spring has on our bodies and moods, we actually have to start with what comes before it: winter.

Some might love that bundled-up coziness, but for many, winter can be a giant mood killer. As the weather grows colder, the days turn darker, and our exposure to sunlight takes a huge dip…that’s when the sluggish feelings of sadness start. There’s even a name for it – Seasonal Affective Disorder, or “SAD.”

They literally called it SAD.

SAD is that depression that swoops back around each year so regularly that you could almost just add it to your calendar, between your nephew’s birthday and your dog’s license renewal. It tends to start up as it grows colder, last for weeks (if not months), and then melt away with the snow. As spring comes around, the days get longer and that added sunlight boosts our serotonin production, giving our mood a boost along with it. It’s like coming out of a dark cave and seeing the sun for the first time in months.

And this springtime re-emergence of positivity is the perfect foundation for the other change that happens in this seasonal transition…

Hot & Bothered


Gone are the thick winter coats, hats, and scarves, back are the bare arms, crop-tops, and curves. After months of being bundled up, suddenly we’re let loose.

It’s this hibernation of skin and bodies that feeds into the lust of the season. As that winter depression melts off and the tank tops and shorts start coming out, it creates a perfect storm of sexiness and desire unrivaled by any other time of year.

But how to stand out from the crowd in this hurricane of hotness?

A Little Spring Cleaning

First up, we’ve gotta take care of everything that fell by the wayside during the previous months. The long dark winter is over. Jeans are out, shorts are in – it’s time to shave those legs.

Our Conditioning Shave Cream can help you rid yourself of that unwanted winter growth. It’s gentle and soothing, softening hair, and helping prevent irritation. And sure, we’re talking about legs, but it’s great for other areas too – we coined it “Coochy” for a reason!

Even better, it doubles as a hair conditioner. So, you can step out of the shower with silky smooth legs andgorgeous, hydrated hair. That’s a head-to-toe glow, all in a single bottle.

Next up, let’s talk about skin. Winter can be harsh. Wind-whipped cheeks, dry elbows, cracked knuckles – that cold air can do a lot of damage. You’ll need something for everyday maintenance to make sure you stay your gorgeous, supple self. Our Nourishing Body Lotion is the perfect solution. It’ll keep your skin looking and feeling smooth and healthy. And with a variety of scents to choose from, you’re bound to find one that’s perfect for you.

Getting Back Out There

Now that we’ve brought our hair and skin back to life…let’s talk about sex. Look, you don’t need sex to have a sexy spring, but it does make it a whole lot sexier.

So, let’s start at the beginning (a very good place to start): reeling them in.

What better way to grab someone’s attention than with a scent? And what if that scent was one-of-a-kind?

Basic Instinct is a pheromone-infused fragrance that reacts with your body chemistry to create a scent that’s unique to you. Roll it on alone, or pair it with other scents or lotions and watch as heads turn.

Once you’ve got them right where you want them, it’s time to introduce them to your Bosom Buddy. This flavor-infused balm can be put on the lips (or nips!) for a tingling sensation that’ll level up foreplay. And with ultra-hydrating shea butter, you can be sure your lips will be kissably soft when the time is right.

Ok, ready for something a little more…wild? You’ve read this far, of course you are.

All the (Sex) Essentials

Our product bundles are perfect for any spring fling. They offer something a little different to satisfy different needs, but inside each is an exciting way to spice up a night of fun.


Spring into the Season

The changing of the seasons has more of an effect on our minds and bodies than you would tend to think. It’s good to keep that in mind as we transition from one to another so you can prepare yourself for each impending change.

As spring comes into bloom this year, it’s time to break out of your frozen winter shell, soak in the sunshine, and start radiating sexy.

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