How To Build a Sex Room… Pure Romance Style

How To Build a Sex Room… Pure Romance Style

“How To Build a Sex Room” is the newest Netflix original that has created quite the “buzz!” Chances are you’ve already heard of it, watched it, and are currently planning to build your own space dedicated to desire! If you haven’t, let us give you a quick recap…

This series follows interior designer (turned sex room designer), Melanie Rose, as she helps 11 couples spice up their sex lives with rooms dedicated to their fantasies and fetishes. The show highlights each couple as they physically design their space and also emotionally explore their relationship and ways they can reconnect through intimacy.

You may be thinking to yourself, “what kind of person wants a sex room?” The answer? Anyone!

From couples that are quite comfortable with their kinks to those who are new to experimentation, the show proves that all relationships can benefit from spicing up their intimate lives, regardless of experience.

The term “sex room” is used loosely and ranges from simply turning bedrooms into a more romantic space to hidden secret sex dungeons with all the works. In each episode, host Melanie Rose sits each couple down and discusses a range of topics to get a better idea of what the perfect sex room means to them, including how private the room should be. For example, one couple opted for a hidden room in the basement with a “false” door that looked like a bookcase to deter unsuspecting guests and their children. Additionally, each couple discusses not only what they currently enjoy during intimacy but also things they are interested in exploring further. For example, another couple had never explored sex accessories, like a flogger. They were taken to a BDSM professional to learn more about kinks that they may want to incorporate in their new room.

With that being said, we encourage you to talk to your own partner about each other’s likes, dislikes, fantasies, and needs before diving in. Communication is key! Unfortunately, we can’t all have Melanie Rose come transform our perfect sex room. But we’re here with our favorite Pure Romance suggestions. Consider how mild or wild you’re willing to go to make yours into the sexy space you and your partner deserve!


The products in the “mild” category keep discretion in mind. These sex room accessories can be easily hidden from prying eyes and are perfect for those just beginning to explore more with their partner.


Perfect for bondage beginners, these soft and seductive silicone handcuffs comfortably bind you and your partner during playtime. The buckle closure easily adjusts to fit smaller and larger wrists, while metal loops and a removable lobster clasp give you the freedom to play with any length of restraint. Better yet, they can be easily stashed when it’s time for your sex room to turn back into a bedroom!


Delve into pleasure together with this play set made for two. Featuring a silky blindfold and restraints, plus an unimaginably soft feather, this set’s for all those looking to take a step into sensory play. Get undressed then erotic with the blindfold and ties, then experiment with sensation by using the feather to tickle and tease.


The products in the “intermediate” category are for those who aren’t new to exploring kinks and fetishes in their private life. They’re looking to dive deeper and add more to their collection! Your sex room is growing and these are the products to fill that space.


Transform your bedroom to a bondage playground in minutes with this sultry restraint system that delivers endless possibilities for pleasure. Slide the adjustable straps under any size mattress and position the soft cuffs anywhere you desire. Try the head and foot of the bed for a sexy, stretched-out position or the sides of the bed for a tempting, spread out pose. This product can be a permanent sex room staple, as each strap can be easily tucked under your mattress to hide from prying eyes.


No pain, no gain… in the pleasure game that is! As erotic as they are sparkling, these bejeweled nipple clamps deliver the perfect amount of sensual pressure and are designed to adjust to your desires. Plus, they’re accented with rhinestones and two teardrop gems that, when added to your jewelry box, are perfectly disguised in your sex room.



Your tastes are getting hotter… so should your sex room. Take your sensual massage to the next level with this heart-shaped heat pack. Activate the Heart Massager by snapping the metal disc inside, then wait as it warms to over 129°F/54°C. Use with a massage lotion to get the feel of a relaxing hot stone massage in your own home.


The products in the “wild” category are just that… WILD! This isn’t your first rodeo and with these products it’s certainly not going to be your last.


Welcome aboard your non-stop flight to paradise. The Frequent Flier Door Swing fits in any doorframe for bedroom acrobatics that’ll take partner play up to a whole new level. Have a seat, position the straps, and you’re ready for takeoff. Move in ways you never imagined or ask your co-pilot to take hold of the seat to angle your hips for ultimate satisfaction. Who knew you could join the Mile High Club from the privacy of your own sex room?!


Delve into the world of kink with a luxe, four-part set featuring a blindfold, paddle, crop, and arm restraints. The paddle and crop take painful pleasure experiments to mastery, the blindfold removes sight to spotlight sensation, and the arm restraints bind for sultry submission. Satin accents and plush, lace-print material add a touch of softness to contrast the bold intensity of bondage play.

Try each accessory one by one and make it a slow descent into all things erotic, or pair off parts of the set for multi-faceted satisfaction that exceeds expectations time and time again…


Those who know their way around kink know that there is more than one place to explore pleasure. Knock, knock—it’s time to add a back door to your sex room! This silicone anal vibrator features a bendable shaft and four beads that allow you to ever-so-slowly build to a mind-blowing finish. With 10 vibrating speeds and pulsing patterns, no sex room is complete without Midnight Desire.

Mix and match from mild… to intermediate… to wild to build your perfect sex room. The options are endless!

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