Luscious Lingerie for Every Body

Luscious Lingerie for Every Body

I’ve got a secret, and it’s a total confidence booster. Even when I’m home alone or walking through the grocery store, I’ve got a quiet sense of confidence. My secret? Gorgeous lingerie.

Lingerie has a magical way of taking a run-of-the-mill intimate encounter and making it more exciting…that big reveal (when the rest of your clothes are on the floor) is always a showstopper!

But while lingerie can be amazing for your partner, I’m here to tell you lingerie is really for YOU. That confidence you get from just wearing it—and feeling sexy—makes it worth taking off those comfy granny panties and slipping into your favorite silky or lacey substitute.

I can see what you’re imagining. Angel wings. Impossibly skinny women walking down a runway in barely there underwear. You might think only people like that should be wearing lingerie.

We have a roundup of lingerie that fits likes a dream on your body—no wings required.

Before we begin, let’s explain the different body types:

Rectangle: Common on athletes, this type’s shoulders, waist and hips are approximately the same width. Think celebs like Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Pear: Jennifer Lopez made this look famous with her most famous asset. Women with this body type have wider hips with smaller shoulders and a smaller waist.

Hourglass: This one is easy to picture! Just think of wider shoulders and hips with a narrower waist. Iconic celebrities with this shape include Marilyn Monroe or Kim Kardashian.

Inverted Pear: Women with broader shoulders and a larger bust are an inverted pear (or inverted triangle) shape, like Angelina Jolie.

Curvy: Ladies with wider hips and a larger bust will recognize this body type. Curvy celeb stunners include Lizzo and supermodel Ashley Graham.


If you’re counting down the hours until you can flaunt that hourglass shape, a bralette is perfect for you. Also, if you have a longer torso or a rectangle body shape, it will draw more attention to your legs and shoulders.

Bandeau Bralette with G-String

Get those sexy vacation vibes any day. This vibrant bandeau bralette is designed with beautiful stretch lace to create a stunning look that is easy to slip on—and off. The coordinating g-string features matching lace, small bow details, and straps that complete the look from the front to the barely there back.


This style of lingerie is perfect for women with inverted pear or curvy figures. A full skirt draws attention from your lower half and draws in the focus to your chest. Most also have a plunging neckline that will also show off a pear-shaped figure to advantage, drawing the attention from top to bottom.


Hello hourglass! This cutie is also available in sizes up to 4X. Twilight comes with a black floral lace robe that stays closed with a silky tie that’s just begging to be undone. Underneath is a babydoll with adjustable straps, sexy low back, and side-slit hem.

Garter Slip

Show those curves some love with a garter slip. Look for pieces that are made to flatter your fav features AND sculpt any problem areas to help you feel gorgeous, no matter what. Plus, garter slips are usually perfect to fit under any outfit!

Power Play

Shapewear, but make it sexy. Available in sizes up to XL, this slimming bodysuit shows off your sexy silhouette to perfection. Plus, it does double duty—wear it under your clothes for a light curve-sculpting effect or flaunt your sexy side in just the bodysuit.


I saved the best for last! A teddy works for just about body. But if you happen to have an inverted pear body shape, a teddy is your ultimate secret weapon—this silhouette slims the shoulders and lengthens the body at the same time. Win-win!

Twice As Nice

Don’t hold back with this two-in-one piece. Twice As Nice’s teddy meets baby doll style will be your new favorite. Fall in love with the gorgeous, curve-hugging lace and a flattering mesh overlay, with sizes up to 3X.

Just the Beginning

We’re just scratching the surface when it comes to lingerie. These gorgeous garments inspire all kinds of heat between the sheets, but even better? They make you feel amazing when you wear them. The most important thing to remember is being sure to choose a piece that makes YOU feel sexy. Show off what you want and tantalizingly tease what’s underneath!

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