Lucky Libra

Lucky Libra

Lucky Libra

Libra Characteristics:
Artistic. Idealistic. Diplomatic.

Libra Dates:
September 22 – October 22

How lucky are you Libra? It’s your season! And what a wild season of life it will be. Roll with the punches as they’re thrown and find excitement in the chaos this month. Serendipitous moments are in your future ​​as you navigate this season! You’ll find that every choice, every moment, becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of your fate, painting a picture of fortune and good luck!

Your needs are important too, Libra; we figured you could use a reminder! You value the relationships in your life over everything else – sometimes to a fault. You hold your people close and try to move mountains for them if that’s what they need. But this sometimes causes your wants and needs to fall by the wayside. You’ve been holding back on your desires and it’s time for them to be unleashed! Communication is key to satisfaction in the bedroom. If you need a little help in that area, try a fun question game as a way to tell each other your desires. This can help you ease the pressure of revealing your deepest desires in your romantic relationships.

People Pleasing
Libras are known for their magnetic personalities and their desire to be liked by everyone. You don’t need help with attracting people, your aura just draws them in. You thrive on social interactions and are often the life of the party, however, you also tend to struggle with letting your guard down. During this Libra season, you’ll likely find yourself seeking out social gatherings and enjoying the company of friends and loved ones. Remember that it’s okay to take time alone as well!

Libras are known to fall into the trap of people-pleasing. You have a strong desire to maintain harmony in your relationships, which can lead you to put others’ needs ahead of your own. Remember, it’s essential to strike a balance between making others happy and taking care of your own well-being. Self-care is just as important as caring for others!

Speak Your Mind!
In work and professional life, you tend to let your shy nature get the best of you. You give 110% effort in everything you do, but you don’t necessarily make your innovative ideas known. You are a force to be reckoned with and an incredibly intelligent individual, Libra! Don’t allow yourself to seep into the shadows and be unheard.

Embrace your unique perspective and the brilliance that lies within, Libra. Your innovative ideas hold the potential to transform your workplace and professional endeavors. It’s time to break free from passivity and let your intelligence shine brightly. Speak up, share your insights, and watch as your influence grows. The world is waiting for your remarkable contributions, so step confidently into the spotlight and make your mark!

Fashion Forward
Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, and it’s no surprise that Libra individuals are fashion-forward and stylish. As Libra season approaches, you’ll find yourself drawn to all things aesthetically pleasing. It’s the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe, experiment with new looks, visit an art museum, and vibe with your creative side!

Libra, you have an uncanny ability to pull off a wide range of styles, from classic and elegant to bold and avant-garde. You have an artful eye for detail, and your outfits are often meticulously curated to create stunning looks! Maybe even try some new styles under your clothes…wink, wink.

During Libra season, don’t be surprised if you find yourself indulging in a little retail therapy. It’s all a part of embracing the Libra energy and celebrating your unique sense of style.


Libra season is a time of balance, beauty, and connection. Lucky girl syndrome is your jam! Whether you’re navigating the complexities of love and relationships, exploring your sensuality, revamping your style, or basking in the social spotlight, this season has something for everyone. Whether you’re single or coupled up, this season invites you to connect on a deeper level, communicate your desires, and explore the uncharted territories of your heart. Embrace the enchanting energy of Libra and let the scales of harmony guide you through this delightful time of year.

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