Mind-Blowing Vibes: The Best Ways to Love Yourself

Mind-Blowing Vibes: The Best Ways to Love Yourself

Self-care. It’s everywhere these days and, like any trend, has ushered in tons of ideas and alternative definitions. There’s no end of lists championing beauty-related idea after idea. It’s OK if none of them really appeal to you. As a reminder: the core idea behind self-care is that it’s an expression of love for yourself, body and mind, via means you find pleasurable. No one else has to be part of your self-love experience (unless you want or need them to be and the focus is still all you), nor do you have to limit yourself to non-sexual ideas.

Masturbation is an experience that’s all you. Guiding your body through the highs and lows of pleasure not only feels incredible, but also has a number of other benefits. We’re all for getting hands-on, but if you’re looking to explore yourself in new ways, toys can help. Even if this sounds old hat, stick around. We’re talking 5 toys of all shapes and sizes and different ideas on how and where to try each.

A quick recommendation before we move on: use a lubricant. In my opinion, it’s not optional. (No, not even if your downstairs situation is already a slip n’ slide.) The idea that lubricants only remedy vaginal dryness is a thing of the past. Truth is, they also contribute to overall comfort and better sensation, so take your pick and stock up.

Main Attraction

Let’s start with a classic: the infamous “rabbit” vibe. (A nickname for dual-action vibrators, as a nod to old-school designs that feature rabbit-ear-shaped ticklers or rabbit-shaped designs.) If you’ve never tried simultaneous internal and external stimulation, you’re in for a treat. These toys are designed to vibrate in two areas to stimulate the vagina and clitoris. If you’re newer to clitoral stimulation or simultaneous stimulation of this kind, you might find dual-action vibrators answer the question as to why orgasms aren’t happening with penetration alone.


Moving from tried-and-true to something all new! Check out this versatile little vibrator. My favorite thing about it is the posable design. You can bend each of the textured ends and they’ll stay in place! It’s a great element if you find yourself wanting to play with pressure, while teasing favorite spots.

Unfamiliar with pressure play? It’s easy. Pick a favorite spot. For light pressure, hold one of the toy’s ends so that it’s just barely touches your skin. The vibration creates fluttering, teasing sensations that can feel amazing for your most sensitive areas! For heavier pressure, hold one of the toy’s ends closer so that it presses against your skin. This vibration creates a deeper, more pronounced sensation. Pro Tip: Experiment with different types of pressure and movement from the sides of the toy’s ends and the very tips to see what you like most!

The Adventurer

Our stellar vibe is, in my opinion, easily 5 of 5 stars. You might’ve guessed from the shape that yes, it is a clitoral “suction” vibrator. I say “suction” because the motor doesn’t draw air into the toy itself. The end with the rounded opening surrounds and, more or less, suctions to the clitoris for pinpoint sensation that’ll have you seeing stars in the best way.

One way to make this toy an entire experience is to start with the other end and use the textured tickler on sensitive spots. Try lightly drawing it over or holding it against any spot you like to help build the excitement. Don’t stop at one spot either, explore head to toe and see if you discover new sensations along the way. Then switch to the other side when you’re ready for the big finish.

Dream On

Don’t let the unassuming shape fool you, this is an all-in-one toy. A great pick if you love broad stimulation, this round vibrator is firm enough for a good amount of pressure, but still comfortable given the silicone coating. This means you can use it for massage and masturbation. Pressing and rolling the toy over achy muscles feels great, especially if paired with one of our massage lotions or oils.

Of course, we’d be remiss not to talk a little self-love here. Our idea is to make this toy your way to explore your body. Build excitement by moving the toy near erogenous zones (or however else you like). Then, once you’ve had your fill of teasing, turn up the heat by holding the toy against your skin or even rolling it slowly back and forth.


Last but not least, we have the smallest vibe on the list. Though it’s compact and battery-operated, this bullet vibe packs a punch. Illusion is small yet mighty. Supposedly named for its cylindrical shape, bullet vibrators are often recommended as a pick for those new to toys. And with typically simple designs, it’s not hard to figure out why: versatility. But it’s also a great pick if you’d like to get right to the good stuff. If you’re already hot and bothered, grab this toy for clitoral stimulation that’ll satisfy every time. If you end up feeling like slowing down a little (Round 2? Yes please!), consider exploring your vulva with the toy. Even if this hasn’t done the much for you in the past, try it. Likes and dislikes change over time so you never know!

Try one or try them all! Each of these vibrators will give you the chance to explore your body in new ways. So sit back, turn on your favorite sexy show or sensual playlist, and let the magic happen.

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