New Sextech: Ultra Soft Collection

New Sextech: Ultra Soft Collection

We hope you’re ready for sex toys that feel different than anything you’ve ever felt before, because that’s exactly what our Ultra Soft Collection is! This is the latest innovation in sex tech. This collection covers the bases with four toys: g-spot, vaginal, clitoral, and dual-action.

So, what does “ultra soft” mean anyway?

A lot of things! When you think of this collection, keep three words in mind: plush, pleasure, and power. These toys are designed with ultra-thick silicone surrounding powerful motors. It’s what gives each toy a silky quality with amplified, rumbly vibrations that reach deep.

Additionally, each toy is rechargeable and bath-friendly, with three speeds and five patterns.

Time for the big breakdown!


All toys in this collection have more than twice the amount of silicone compared to traditional toys because we wanted to create something that feels completely different than anything else in your intimate collection.

Because of the thick, plush layer of silicone, each toy has rumbly vibrations that penetrate deep into your hotspots to reach thousands of nerve endings that really get you excited – exactly what you want for the big O.

This is not the cheap clunky, hard plastic from that one store in the mall you might’ve settled for back in the day. It’s not the silicone upgrade you dropped a little more cash on either. It’s way better. Each toy in this collection is firm, while remaining soft to the touch.

If we had to make any sort of comparison, it’s a similar to Make Waves, a dual-density silicone bullet. Like this bullet, just holding and touching an ultra soft toy, you can tell there’s something enhanced about it. If Make Waves is a 10 for feel, the ultra-soft design is an 11. Trust us!

So, it’s squishy? So what? Our product testers raved that this thick, plush feel gives the insertable toys in this collection, (So Berry Tempting, Just the Way I Lilac It, and Blue My Mind) a fullness that feels better than the real thing. Wink wink, nudge nudge.


Time to talk size. We’ll come right out and say it, the Ultra Soft toys aren’t the biggest you’ll find, they’re actually realistic size-wise. And honestly? It’s not a bad thing.

Think about it. If this is your first toy or, say, your first insertable toy, it’s all the easier to get lost in fantasies with something more realistic feel and size-wise, right? Getting overly ambitious on size with a body that’s not prepared for it could lead to things like vaginal pain and/or soreness. All kinds of not fun.

Another point: presentation matters. Toy designs are changing. We’re seeing more and more experimental colors, softer lines, abstract shapes and textures every day. As goes the adage, “You eat with your eyes first,” the same is true of toys and sexual appetite. People want more than just something that gets the job done, they want something pleasing to the eye and touch. Enter, Ultra Soft.


A toy’s size contributes to the way its vibrations feel, and that can make all the difference when it comes to power.

If you’ve got a toy collection with some variety, take out your biggest and smallest toys and turn them on. Larger toys mean more area for vibrations to travel through. This can cut down on how powerful a toy feels overall and/or concentrate vibration in one or two spots that may or may not work for you. Since smaller toys have much less area for vibrations to travel through, they feel more concentrated i.e., powerful. Vibrations will also likely feel as if they spread through the toy more evenly.

If you favor toys that spread vibrations throughout the body of the toy, you’re a fan of broad stimulation. Like many, you might enjoy getting a little rough with toys and/or using them for grinding or other types of touch that use a lot of surface area. Our Ultra Soft toys will definitely do the trick, especially since the thick material amplifies vibration!

Let’s see what each brings to the table.

Just the Way I Lilac It

This G-spot vibrator is plush and thick for just the right level of pressure with rumbly vibes that reach deep.

Playtime Tips: The pressure is exactly what you want this for your G-spot. Plus, any good G-spot toy is gonna be curved and ideally have texture if you feel like adding a little movement to your pleasure build up. Check and check.

So Berry Tempting

This vaginal vibrator has powerful vibrations inside and subtle rings outside that stimulate with every motion.

Playtime Tips: See above. Enough said. If you worry you’ll miss clitoral stimulation, make use of your free hand or invite a partner to play! We suggest going slow at first to really appreciate the rings.

Over The Moon

Put pleasure in-hand with ridges that nestle close for constant stimulation with this clitoral vibrator.

Playtime Tips: So versatile! Use the ridges against the clitoris and try up and down or side-to-side motions for different sensations. Or cup the entire toy against your vulva for more vibes all over – an especially fun move during penetrative sex or play. This toy is great for couple play! Since it’s so soft, it feels comfortable between bodies. Plus, adding steady clitoral stimulation to the mix while your partner stimulates other erogenous zones sounds like a recipe for pleasure!

Blue My Mind

Explored blended vibrations inside and out. This dual-action vibrator gives direct G-spot stimulation synced with an external clitoral massage.

Playtime Tips: Edging is the word! Try it without vibration (or with a pulsing vs. steady vibration) and add movement for G-spot stimulation with a subtle clitoral touch. Then ramp things up any way you like! The clitoral massager arm is flexible and round for a versatile fit that moves with your body.

And that’s a wrap! If you’re looking for toys that can give you a feeling of fullness, broad sensation, and/or a dose of newness to your collection, this is a great place to start.

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