Staying home? Take Time Out for Romance!

Staying home? Take Time Out for Romance!

Being stuck in the house for too long can make us stir crazy, but instead of climbing up the walls and binging Love Is Blind for the fourth time, why not try something a little different?

Think of it this way: for the first time in (probably) a while, you can actually press pause on distractions and focus on passionate, exciting, romantic, quality time with your significant other!

Need help getting started? Here’s a few tips to ignite serious heat between the sheets!

Tip #1: What’s your favorite position?
Now’s the perfect time to talk to your partner about ALL the things you’ve always wanted to do with (and to!) them. Maybe you’ve been fantasizing about roleplay, being tied up, or there could be an adventurous position(s) you’ve just been dying to try out for yourself. Clue them in!

Bring your favorite toy in the bedroom to enhance your intimate interludes, or use a remote-control panty vibe to tease and tantalize from any room in the house!

Tip #2: Game on!
While playing games is always a tried and true way to pass the time, we’ve got a little something that’s WAY sexier than Go Fish! Hot Date Night is a spicy game for couples with four sizzling decks of sexy suggestions ranging from hot to hottest.

Plus, the game includes 25 “Hot Talk” cards that help you get the conversation started with questions like, “Where’s your favorite place to have sex?” and “What kind of music puts you in the mood?” Super fun and easy to play, it’ll keep you “busy” (see what we did there?) all day and night!

Tip #3: Long-distance love
What if your partner doesn’t live with you? Nbd, there’s a sext for that! Physical touch is just one of the MANY ways you can be intimate with your partner. In fact, not being able to touch each other can make your sexual experience that much hotter and intense.

Feeling a little bit of stage fright about how to initiate sexting and WHAT to say once you do? Check out our handy guide to sexting, Sexting 101!

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