Straps, Slings & Swings… Oh my! Onyx Handcuffs

Straps, Slings & Swings… Oh my! Onyx Handcuffs

Admit it, you’ve thought about kink and cuffs at least once or twice. The first time it popped into your head might’ve been a brow-raising joke on a crime drama or even in bed with an adventurous partner, but no matter the when, it’s time to talk the how on this ever-popular intimate accessory. No kinky collection is complete without them.

Onyx Handcuffs

What is it?

It’s all in the name. The handcuffs go around wrists and fasten together to spice up even the plainest bedroom scene. They let one partner call the shots while the other awaits release. Center stage during tried-and-true positions, the spark for sexy roleplay, or an essential in a hot mix of bondage items, handcuffs are one must-have that ups the pleasure game every time.

Who should try it? / Why try it?

Anyone looking to spice things up with a versatile, easy-to-use item. If you’re thinking of trying handcuffs out (or looking for excuses to buy another pair), opt for Onyx Handcuffs if you want…

  • Something Skin-friendly – Your skin might not like the idea of leather as much as you do. Or it just might not be your thing in general. Enter: silicone. It feels softer but can still be used for some rougher play, unlike cheap fabric cuffs that look the part but pop right open when you get a little too into it.
  • Easier D/s (Dominant/submissive) Options – Bound, bent over, and spanked… Not so easy if you have to remember how to tie a quick-release knot, is it? If you’re not ready for ropes and advanced techniques, user-friendly cuffs are what you want.
  • Adjustable – An overlooked factor but an important one. Wrists come in all shapes and sizes and your cuffs should adjust, especially if they might be worn by different people.
  • Luxe Feel for Less – It’s the perfect, kinky middle ground. Silicone cuffs are weightier than simple fabric cuffs that, together with the silky touch, can feel more luxe and sensual. On the flipside, genuine leather can be a pricey investment that might have the weight you want but feel too heavy, literally and figuratively.
  • Minimal Upkeep – Leather, while lovely, requires upkeep in the form of leather-specific conditioners and/or oils to keep it looking and feeling its best. Silicone cuffs, like ours, can mean one less thing to worry about.
  • Liquid-Friendly Options – Silicone cuffs play well with liquids. Leather does not and can, in fact, soak up sweat and other things… No thank you!

Where to try it?

Behind closed doors. Ideally, the best space for cuff use is a place the wearer can really get comfortable. Letting a partner take over can be a vulnerable but thrilling experience with intense, pleasurable results, so the right space is important.


Circle wrists with cuffs one at a time, fasten any buckles or clips, then link the two together with the clasp or chain as needed. Cuffs should be snug but not tight. Check in and make any adjustments before you play.

A Win, Hands Down

Doggie-style but with a sexy twist. With cuffs on, one partner gets on their hands and knees (or arms and knees if you need to) while the other teases and pleases all they like! Note, if the partner handling penetration needs to take the pressure off their knees or hips, opt for sitting down vs. kneeling and leaning back.

Open Sesame

Cuffs are one thing but getting a little D/s in makes this sexy pose even better. For this, one partner bends at the hips with cuffs and reaches back. What happens then is up to you two! The other partner is free to give the order to hold cheeks or thighs apart, rest the cuffed hands where they can admire them, or do whatever comes to mind! Go full on cops and robbers with roleplay if you want!

This position can be especially fun if you want/need lower body stimulation to climax. Cuffs keep you from indulging so your partner will have to get hands-on in a fun way. Letting someone else influence your climax is what’s known as orgasm control and delaying it to linger on the proverbial edge can build to a strong, satisfying end. If you try it and like it, don’t just stick to this pose! Incorporate it into playtime anytime. For more information, check out our blog on edging.

Armed with info and ideas, you’re ready for cuffs! No matter what type you try and how you do it, to keep open communication with your partner and play smart. It’s always a good idea to stay in the same room with a bound partner and/or uncuff/unbind them if you have to leave the room, just in case.

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