Ready to bare it all and look amazing doing it? We break down the steps to performing a seductive striptease.

The thought of (gulp) performing a striptease for your partner can be a scary one, but if you square those shoulders and push past your shyness, we can guarantee the payoff will be explosive. But before you start shaking what your mama gave you, read our trusty guide to prepare for your moment in the striptease spotlight.

the outfit

Start your striptease adventures with a foundation layer of absolutely gorgeous lingerie. Most people we talked to prefer a black lace lingerie set—bra, panties or thong, and garter belt —because it’s classic, sexy, and flatters just about everyone. But, because lingerie comes in all styles, colors, and fabrics, our recommendation is to pick what YOU like the most. Choose your favorite color, a flattering cut, and an irresistible fabric. You can complete the look with black nylon stockings and heels if you want to take it up a notch (but we’re pretty sure your partner won’t miss these details if you choose to skip them).

When choosing what goes over that lingerie, you can keep it simple with a traditional button-down and pencil skirt, or vamp it up with a corset and tight-fitting dress. Wrap skirts and dresses are another great option for a striptease, since they can be untied and dropped to the floor in one dramatic movement.

the scene

Remember, a striptease is first and foremost a performance, and equally important to practicing your “routine” (we’ll get to that later), is setting the stage for your striptease debut. First of all, dim the lights—if you don’t have a dimmer switch, light candles or drape a scarf over a lamp (be careful not to catch anything on fire!).

Once your lighting is just right, it’s time to create a playlist you can move to. For your striptease soundtrack, anything goes: Google the standards, or go with selections that speak to you and make you feel sexy, sensual, and ready to tempt and tease your partner. Some of our favorites? “Red Light Special” by TLC, “Pony” by Ginuwine, and “Motivation” by Kelly Rowland.

the performance

Practice, practice, practice: watch burlesque videos for inspiration, then perfect your own moves in front of the mirror before you debut them in front of your lover. (Hint: knowing you’ve got your moves down pat will give you the extra boost of confidence you need to knock off some socks.)

When it comes to the actual tease, don’t forget to flirt—and move seductively slow, making a big deal out of every single thing you do. Move with confidence, as if you’re the sexiest person in the entire world—because in this moment, you are! Remember, you’re doing this for a partner who already loves what you’ve got going on, so this striptease is just icing on the cake! Throughout the tease, lightly caress your body wherever you want them to look—gently brushing your fingertips over each luscious curve. Flirt with your clothing, slowly unbuttoning, untying, and tossing each piece over to your (very) captive audience, until you’re down to your garters, stockings, and a smile.

As for the grand finale? That’s completely up to you.

Want to make your striptease even sexier? Try adding our sexy lingerie to the mix.

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