That Aquarius Allure

That Aquarius Allure

Let everybody know: You come first this month.


Aquarius Dates

January 20 – February 18

Aquarius Traits

Quirky, Passionate, Sincere

2020 Sexscope

This year is all about trying new things in bed—don’t be afraid to say yes!


Happy Birthday Aquarius!

It’s definitely your season, but let’s be honest, this whole year is about you. Let your courage and bravery loose to kick 2020 off right. It’s your time to crush goals and tap into your desires.

Just don’t forget to slow down and have some fun along the way, you social butterfly. You deserve it! And, whether it’s business or pleasure, we’ve got must-haves for every Aquarius.


Kick Start:

Be ready for the new decade with this best-selling essential oil blend: Kick Start! This ingestible booster can help you smash all your fitness goals.


HeLi Water-Based Lubricant:

You like adventure so try our newest Lubricant! It’s the latest addition to our HeLi healthy living collection, and I’m so excited for you to try it!

Private Beach:

You know how to have fun, so bring that to bed! This tantalizing toy is perfect for solo play or a little fun with a special someone!


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