The Sensual Secrets of Vacation Sex

The Sensual Secrets of Vacation Sex

 We all know that there are lots of different kinds of sex. There’s the lovey-dovey “making love,” the semi-crazed “angry sex,” the somewhere-in-between “makeup sex,” and sometimes, there’s just straight, hardcore...well, look, we may sell sex toys, but we try to keep it classy, so I won’t say the word, but you know what I’m saying. 

Above all, though, there is one type of sex that tends to be the most enjoyable, most desired, and the most daydreamed about: vacation sex.

But why is this most sought-after intimacy so sought after?


Less Stress…More Sex

One of the most obvious answers is that when you’re on vacation, you’re leaving behind your worries, stresses, and inhibitions. After all, stress isn’t just an energy killer, it’s a libido killer! But when you’re on vacation, there are no more deadlines, soccer practices, or dinner-preps-for-five – It’s just sunglasses, sleeping in, and smooth sailing. That relaxation makes the naughty feel that much more attainable.

The lack of work and life stress also makes you feel better! More energy, more excitement – even fewer aches and pains. All of those positive feelings give you a different outlook and encourage more fun and exploration. After all, vacations are often all about experiencing new things. And I’m not just talking about trying the local cuisine—it can also expand our sexual appetites.

There’s also a much sillier (yet practical) reason why vacation sex can be so different and exciting: you aren’t in your own space. You don’t have to wash those sheets. Those people next door? You’ll never see them again. You didn’t buy that industrial strength tv stand/dresser/mini-fridge combo that’s now holding your entire body weight. That lack of responsibility over your surroundings helps to keep things on the wild side and spice up even the most mundane of hotel rooms.


Bringing It Home

Ok, so vacation sex is great…but you can’t be on vacation all the time. So how can we bring a little bit of the spice back home with us?

Well, we already talked about why vacation sex is so fun and different, now we’ve just got to take those same ideas and figure out how to bring them home!

If the stresses of daily life are also stressing out your sex life, it’s time for some relief! Find activities that help you relax like yoga, jogging, or playing music. Even things like puzzles and coloring books can help you decompress! Removing those stressors can have a similar (sexy) impact at home just like it does on vacation.

But it’s not all about stress, there is also that new-ness factor to vacation. So let’s think about how you can bring that similar feeling of novelty back home.

Let’s start with an easy one: positions. We all have our favorites, but there’s always room for experimentation. Grab a book, watch something dirty for inspiration, or even read a blog! Even if a new position is a little awkward, or doesn’t quite get the job done, sex is about having fun! You and your partner sharing a laugh while trying to perfect an odd position helps loosen you both up (figuratively and sometimes literally), and makes your time together even more intimate.

It can also help to scope out new spots around the house to do the deed. A countertop, kitchen table, or couch might seem like well-worn sex spots, but furniture and fixtures can provide interesting opportunities for positioning that you just can’t get with a bed. Propping and elevation can allow for different angles of penetration and more comfortable oral favors (after all, nobody likes rug-burned knees!)

Other areas around the house like coat closets and stairs may not seem like the sexiest of spots, but sexual creativity can be its own reward.

You know what else is rewarding? Thinking outside the box. After all, just because you’re bringing vacation-y feelings home…doesn’t mean you have to stay in the house. Sneaking out into the backyard under the cover of darkness can be a fun and naughty way to keep things feeling fresh. The (relative) danger of being discovered and knowing you’re doing something you aren’t “supposed” to can up the excitement!


Adding Something Extra

Another way you can bring home those vacay vibes? By adding in VIBES! Yes, we’re (of course!) talking sex toys.

Sex toys are a perfect way to bring that x factor into your sex life. There’s a misconception that toys are only for solo sessions – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Adding in a clitoral massager to penetrative sex can help you take it to the next level (and have that coveted blended orgasm!) There are even toys specifically designed for use by couples.

Toys like the bendable Twilight Mood and the fan-favorite air toy Adventurer Curve are even designed to be used during sex! Toys like these can be nestled up against the clitoris while simultaneously being inserted into the vagina. Once set, the penetrating partner can slide on in and the toy will not just stimulate everyone’s favorite pleasure spot, but also allow both partners to experience vibration while providing a tighter entry for him and a fuller feeling for her. It’s a novel way to take sex to the next level without having to get on a plane or book a hotel room.


Seeking an Endless Summer

In the end, there’s nothing quite like vacation sex, but if we were on vacation all the time, it just wouldn’t be as special. Nevertheless, it’s a worthy goal to try and bring some of that magic home, so do the best you can to relax and destress while at home and keep your sex life buzzing. But keep one eye on that sunset and dream of your next vacation destination.

It could just be the best yet.

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