Get Ahead of the Curve

Get Ahead of the Curve

Air pressure sextech is everywhere these days. There’s a reason! This airotic invention creates airflow and pressure around the clitoris, increasing sensitivity. Though it debuted in the mid-2010s, this tech didn’t hit it big until TikTok’s #rosetoy era about a decade later. So why not combine the amazing air pressure technology and a g-spot vibe to create an experience that will introduce a whole new world. We took our best-selling vibe The Adventurer and added to the air pleasure… with The Adventurer Curve.

The Adventurer Curve

What is it?

The sex toy that’s giving rose toy and rabbit vibe all. at. once. Put simply, it combines external air pressure with internal vibration. It definitely makes for a great experience but can also be worn during penetrative sex. I say air pressure but know this tech is also sometimes called “pressure wave,” “air wave,” “air pulse,” and (the least sexy) “suction.”

With the sleeve on, The Adventurer Curve uses air pressure to stimulate the clitoris while the curved end provides internal/vaginal stimulation via vibration. You have even more options! Take the sleeve off for thumping, pulsing clitoral stimulation.

If you aren’t as familiar with air pressure and sextech, I’ll break it down real quick. When an air pressure toy meets skin, a soft seal forms. This seal creates a pleasurable, suction-like pressure and helps direct pulses of air to the desired area. Out of all the toys that have tried to get at an oral-like feel, air pressure vibes do it best.

Who should try it?

You, your partner(s), your girlies that dish about everything after their latest hookups, the list is limitless! This toy’s also a no-brainer for fans of the OG Adventurer, but even if you haven’t tried it, air pressure toys, or any clitoral vibes at all, The Adventurer Curve is a must-try.

Another thing that comes to mind is medication-related anorgasmia. As we were developing this toy, I talked to a friend about that not-so-fun condition. She explained it (anorgasmia) happens for a variety of reasons but there are workarounds. Since every body is different, it’s not a solution for absolutely everyone. In her case, stimulating multiple areas of the clitoral complex (i.e., the “g-spot” and the clitoris glans) at the same time does the trick. So, if you find yourself in that same niche, try Adventurer Curve’s simultaneous internal and external stimulation options!

Why try it?

Maybe you need lots of stimulation. You could like rabbit vibes and want the Cadillac of dual-action toys. Or maybe you like vaginal or clitoral stimulation. There are so many reasons to try this sex toy marvel and we’re only going to give you more.

You might like The Adventurer Curve if any of these points pique your interest:

  • Hello blended orgasms: Turning on both ends at the same time means an orgasmic blend of internal and external sensations. FYI, this toy features 5 clitoral air pressure functions and 7 vibrating shaft functions.
  • Truly hands-free: Forget pillows and tricky poses! This toy’s signature curve not only flexes to fit your body, but also helps keep sensation exactly where you want it.
  • Power couple up: Got a partner? When worn during sex, the toy’s rounded end adds volume and sensation, so your partner can enjoy shared vibrations and a tighter feel at the same time.


If you’re a newcomer to air pressure or aficionado wanting to brush up, read on for the lowdown.

  1. Lube. Lube. – It’s your friend. For this toy, it can help with comfort, pleasure, and creating a better seal.
  2. Hold it (or not) – You have to hold most small clitoral toys but, as noted above, you can go hands-free with Adventurer Curve based on the design. Once the clitoral element creates a seal, the toy will stay where it is. Feel free to move how you like, squeeze thighs together for a little extra pleasurable pressure, whatever!
  3. On the other hand – Initially, you may need a hand in spreading your labia. Doing so lets the toy nestle in close enough to get a better seal around your clitoris. The clitoral motor should get a bit quieter after a seal forms.

Note: if you’ve removed the sleeve, you don’t need to worry about seals so #2 and #3 might not matter as much but you should def use lube.

As far as pleasure strategy, it’s up to you. You can turn on just the clitoral functions and let the other end provide a full feeling internally (with or without a partner). Or go vice-versa and start with vibrations and add clitoral sensation later to build to a big finish.


Our only big note is starting on the lowest setting for the clitoral functions. If it starts feeling like it’s too much (read: overstimulation) or you experience some numbness (read: super overstimulation) stop using the toy. Lower speeds might be all you need for the big O and honestly, is that a bad thing? Nope!

Last tip? The charging contacts (the magnetic metal dots where the charging cord connects) are hiding under the toy’s sleeve. Leave the sleeve on if you want. Make sure it’s pushed up far enough so the cord fully connects and doesn’t pop off during charging.

However you choose to use it, with or without a partner, you’re in for powerful pleasure. Don’t wait, shop it here. Our VIP product testers were absolutely obsessed with it and I’m sure you will be too!

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