31 Flavors of Spring Sexuality

31 Flavors of Spring Sexuality

You’ve heard of the 31 ice cream flavors, but these Romance month tips and ideas will really make you melt.

Spring is beginning, kids are getting out of school, and we’re ready for the warm weather. You might be thinking that there’s just no time to focus on spicing up your relationship right now, but we think quite the opposite. Studies have shown that getting intimate might just be exactly what you need to boost your mood, making now the perfect time to heat things up in the bedroom with 31 of our best sex tips and positions.

Try a New Sexual Positions

One of the easiest ways to add some excitement in the bedroom? Ditch missionary and try one of these new positions!

1-The Corkscrew
Your partner straddles you and enters you from behind. You can thrust to the penetrative tempo to enhance the sexual pleasure.

2- Face to Face
Sit on a chair or the edge of the bed- facing each other and sit on each other’s lap. Play around with the rhythm and depth to find your perfect positioning.

3-Ruff Ruff…. Doggy Style
You’re on all fours and your partner can kneel behind you! G spot stimulation and deep penetration are easily accomplished with this position.

Lie together on your side with your back to your partners face as they enter from behind. Free hands are available for clitoral and breast stimulation!

5- Face down
Lying face down on the bed or floor with your legs kept straight allows for a tight fit and increased stimulation.

6- G Force
By lying on your back with your legs on your partners shoulders, you can optimally target the G spot for excitement and pleasure!

7- Wheelbarrow
Enjoy some deep pleasurable penetration by getting on all fours with your hands on the ground. Then your partner picks you up by the pelvis, grabs your waist and begins thrusting.

8- Rear Entry Standing
You both can stand while your partner enters as you bend at the waist. Partners hands can massage the breasts or caress the clitoris.

9- Cow Girl
Kneeling on top of your partner while pushing off the chest. You take control to intensify your orgasm. Can also be done in the reverse when you face your partners feet.

10- Upstanding Citizen
Start in the face to face position on the bed or chair. You should be straddling your partner as they lift you up. From here, they can thrust upwards has you bounce. For more stability (and to make it even sexier) have your partner push you up against the wall!


Spice up stale sex with new sensations, vibrations and more!

11- Outrageous Outercourse
Tease, touch and tantalize your partner with your tongue, hands, fingers or toes. Adding a vibe to the sensual pleasures of out course will skyrocket your sexual excitement. Go on a journey of sexual exploration.

12- 69
We’d be remiss if we didn’t include this classic favorite. Simultaneous mind-blowing oral pleasure for both participants!

Try a new vibrator or use the one you have on a new body part. Not one vibrator fits all and both men and women can enjoy vibratory stimulation. Clitoral, g spot, dual action, anal—there’s something for everyone!

Role playing in fun, weird or kinky costumes can add mystery and excitement in the bedroom. You get to be whoever you or your partner wants!

Lubricants can enhance a sexual experience and make it from good to mind blowing. Not only can you experiment with new flavors and sensations, lubricant will make sex feel better for you and your partner!

16-Enhancing gels
Rub some enhancing balms on your erogenous zones. Whether it’s your clitoris, g spot, breasts or his penis/shaft, the increased tingling and sensations will heighten sexual sensations. Our specially formulated enhancements add a new dimension of pleasure to partnered play.

17-C rings
C-rings prevent blood flow from leaving the penis and enhance an erection, making it firmer and even may make them last longer. Try a vibrating C-ring that can also directly stimulate the clitoris for double the fun! Need a step-by-step guide to C-rings? We’ve got you covered.

18-Pleasurable Pegging
Try a strap on wearable dildo which can be worn by women or those without a penis. They can be used on women or those with a penis who enjoy anal penetration.

You take your partner, or let them take you, to the brink of orgasm then abruptly stop. Repeating the sequence a few times will surely result in mind blowing intense orgasms.

20- Hot massage session
A sensual warming massage with Hot Heart can pleasure the skin and be very erotic! Take turns rubbing and massaging one another and see where your red hot desire takes you!

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Bring your fantasies to life and experience the unique intimacy that comes with it. Taking control or giving in, ecstasy awaits.

21- Sensual shower aqua play
Take your sex life into the shower, pool or hot tub. Be sure to bring some silicone lubricant and a waterproof toy! Bathing together can be erotic, try a calming sensual bath bomb!

22- Change it up
Choose a different time of the day to have sex or be adventurous by changing up the location. Cars and the outdoors are favorites! Remember, public sex might be exciting and hot, hot, hot— but it’s also illegal if caught, so tread cautiously

23- Food Glorious Food
Incorporate some sensual edibles into your sexual repertoire. Lick some honey off your lover’s chest, smother them in chocolate and enjoy. Interested? Take a look at the dos and don’ts of adding food to the bedroom.

24- Porn Film Festival
Explore some porn together to unleash your sexual desires. Sharing the experience allows you to be open minded and vulnerable with your partner. You will get an intimate sense of you and your partners turn ons and fantasy will rev up the sexual engine.

25 Bondage
Use bondage tape to restrain arms, legs ankles or other body parts. Being dominant or submissive can be a novel turn on! Self-adhesive bondage tape won’t pull body hair so the focus will be on sexual pleasure.

26-Anal sex
Being prepared with good hygiene and lots of silicone lubricant can make anal play a favorite for many couples. Even men enjoy penetration with a strap on or finger, or when their prostates are massaged too! Consider trying out a prostate massager if you’re already experienced with anal play.

27-Nipple clamps
The nipples are often neglected when it comes to sexual stimulation. Nipple clamps worn by either men or women can enhance any sexual experience and bring new levels of sexual electricity to a relationship.

28- Get Cuffed
Handcuffs made from metal, silicone, latex or leather can add some much-needed excitement to any hum drum sexual interlude.

29- Blindfolds
Experiment with blindfolds to enhance your touch, taste and smell. Even sounds will be more vivid, too.

30 Get Kinky- try a spank paddle
A little bit naughty or nice? Try a beginner paddle and start gently. Maybe add some light restraints to entice and enhance pleasure. There’s so much more to learn about the wonderful world of kink!

31- Fantasy
Everyone has sexual fantasies. Do not be shy. Share your most intimate sexual desires with your partner and then explore…

The bottom line is—take time for romance this month! No matter which or how many “flavors” you dip into, you (and your partner) will be glad that you did.

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