Straps, Slings & Swings… Oh My! Nipple Clamps

Straps, Slings & Swings… Oh My! Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps seem a little mysterious. It’s in the name, sure, but what’s the allure? Are they reserved for BDSM pros and pain lovers? Do you just clip them on and go? According to a study, you may be missing out. One in three women can orgasm from nipple play. Nipple clamps are a great tool to get into nipple foreplay. Let’s dive in on the all sexy deets, a how-to, and position ideas that’ll get you up to speed on these often-overlooked accessories!

Onyx Nipple Clamps

What is it?

Put simply, they’re small clips or devices that squeeze your nipples and heighten sensation for already sensitive spots. Most clamps are made with metal, but some are silicone or other skin-safe materials. They can feature any number of elements by way of pressure – sliders, loops, twists/screws, etc.

They also come in any style for any vibe you’re feeling, whether that’s hot and heavy with stainless steel and weights or ultra-glam with 24k gold chains and glittery gems.

“Nipple clamps are all about pleasurable pressure. They work by concentrating blood flow, similar to c-rings, so the areas feel more sensitive to the touch,” Erin Harris, our VP of Product Development, explained. “Our clamps adjust to let you choose the pressure level.”

Sensation you can customize no matter what mood you’re in? Yes!

“You might want just a little as the cherry on top of an already-amazing experience,” she went on, “or you might want a lot to really have that pain-meets-pleasure angle as the highlight of the night.”

Who should try it?/Why try it?

These small but oh-so-amazing accessories deserve a spot in your intimate collection if you’re into and/or want to try…

  • Hands-free nipple play – Unoccupied hands for you and your partner mean a whole lot more teasing for other sensitive spots, which is something you might need to orgasm. A lot of people do!
  • Nipplegasms – If you’re lucky enough to get off on nipple stimulation, clamps are a must! More is more when it comes to pleasure.
  • Visuals during sex – There’s something erotic about it. Clamps that make you feel amazing deserve a little showcase, whether you’re showing off for a partner or adding a mirror to the mix. Psst, more on that soon.
  • D/s options – You don’t have to go all heavy metal to work nipple clamps into Dom/sub play. No matter what style clamps you’re rocking, your partner can still tie you up and give them a little tug or flick if you’ve been bad… Or vice versa.
  • Clubwear staples – You’ve seen it. That ultra-sexy blazer-over-body-chains look. If you’re already showing some skin, adding clamps connected by chain links give your ensemble a sexy twist. Just make sure to keep them on the loose side!

In summary, nipple clamps aren’t just for BDSM pros. Anyone can experiment with kink, and how far that goes is up to you.

Where to try it?

At home, away on a sexy vacay, or even out at the club, clamps can go where you go. Just remember to play safe and be mindful of the vibe and any dress code rules if you’re hitting the town.


Since these little accessories delve into that whole pain-but-pleasure gray area, we’ll break down clamp use so you have an idea of what to expect.

Before play

Clamps are designed to attach to hard/raised nipples so turn on the slow jams, dim the lights, and focus on all things arousal.

First time user? Shop adjustable clamps. Even if you know you have a high pain tolerance, it can feel more intense with highly sensitive areas like nipples. Trust us on this one.

Putting Them On

You don’t just clip them on and go. Here’s how to put on your new accessory:

  1. Slide an open clamp onto the base of areola.
  2. Slowly tighten. Emphasis on slowly!
  3. Wear for one – two minutes, adjust (if needed), and play.

Note: More than one adjustment might be needed, especially you’re just getting acquainted with your clamps. The feel can change with sustained pressure, plus, location is a thing. Depending on your sensitivity level, sliding the clamp closer for a tighter fit might feel better. Every body is different!


Try brushes of the nipples or gentle tugs of the clamps if they are connected via chain or beads, etc. Or, if you’re a fan of lots of stimulation all over, let the clamps do the work on your chest and get hands (and lips) exploring other erogenous zones.

How long should you leave them on? It’s recommended to start with just five minutes and go from there. As you add time in small increments, you can work your way up to 15 or 30 minutes, depending on your preferences. If you like the clamps pretty tight, stop the clock at 15 minutes. If you like them not so tight, 30 minutes is your limit.

Taking them off

Whatever you do, do not just yank them off.

  1. Slowly release the elements keeping the clamps tight. Again, triple emphasis on slow!
  2. Exhale as the first clamp is opened and removed.
  3. Exhale as the second clamp’s opened and removed.

Why the breathing tip? Exhaling and/or slow, deep breathing can help dampen pain perception.

High levels of pain post-removal should not be a thing, but your nipples can feel a little achy, sore, or more sensitive. Wait, more sensitive? Yes, you read that right. Remember, clamps work by concentrating blood flow, so you’ll definitely feel it after they’re gone.

After playtime

If you’re new to the game, know that aftercare is not only a thing, but a core tenant of kink. Expressing and exploring desires with someone can make you feel vulnerable, deeply aroused, fulfilled, and many other things in a short span of time – and that’s just the mental side.

So, check in with your partner afterwards, even if clamps were only on for a few minutes. Communicate about how each of you feel, physically and mentally, to navigate the present and set a precedent for the future.

Got it? Good. Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Sex positions that pair beautifully with nipple clamps!

Who’s the boss?

There’s a lot going on here and for good reason. Squatting or kneeling while your partner penetrates you from behind already feels amazing, so just imagine the possibilities with nipple clamps in the mix…

With the clamps on, get into position and let your partner decide the tempo as they hold onto your hips. Or, for a twist, you call the shots and let them know exactly where you’d like their hands. Teasingly circling the clamps? Between your thighs while the clamps do their thing? You decide!

No looking back

As promised, we’re taking a hot position up a notch. How? Visuals.

Have your partner take a seat in front of mirror, then sit on their lap. Doing so with the clamps already on can keep momentum going but if you’re all about the slow burn, use the mirror to put on the clamps. The two of you can work together to place the clamps and enjoy the view.

Adding a mirror to sex is a powerful way to ramp up arousal and connect with your body. Clamps, like ours, are sparkly for a dose of erotic glam that feel just as amazing as they look.

So, now you’re up to speed on all-things nipple clamps! If you’re interested or know a partner might be, shop our kinky essentials now. They might not take up a lot of real estate in your pleasure collection, but nipple clamps are a fun way to delve into kink that anyone can try.

Stay tuned for the next item in our series, Onyx Handcuffs! Just as we did here, we’ll give you the what, why, and how on this fan favorite item.

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