Onyx Nipple Clamps
Onyx Nipple Clamps
Onyx Nipple Clamps
Onyx Nipple Clamps

Onyx Nipple Clamps

Rhinestone Arousal Clamps

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It feels good to be under pressure with the Onyx Nipple Clamps. These luxurious clamps feature rubber tips to protect skin while stimulating the nipples with sensual pressure. The Onyx Nipple Clamps are connected by a rhinestone chain and two teardrop gems that tickle the skin between bare breasts. Whether it’s for solo play or with a partner, these nipple clamps put sexy seduction within reach.


● Adjustable clamps allow you to control your pleasure
● Rubber-coated tips protect skin and offer comfort
● Rhinestones and teardrop gems add sexy, feminine appeal


Attach to nipples to apply pressure. Avoid using excessive force to prevent injury to the skin.

Tip(s): Discuss comfort levels with your partner before use. Discontinue use immediately if undesired discomfort or pain occurs. Always use responsibly.

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