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PureCharge USB Cord – C

PureCharge USB Cord – C

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Lost your charger cable? We all know how frustrating it is. Get this replacement charger cord for your Pure Romance toy and get back to playtime. 

Compatible With

● Come Together
● Contoured Dual-Action Vibrator (included in Happy Hour Deluxe Set)
● Darya
● Dream On (formerly Roll With It)
● Fantasize
● Frenzy
● G-Luv
● Get In Touch
● Just One Touch
● Magic Touch
● Make Waves (formerly Serina)
● Mania
● Mesmerize
● Mira
● Multi-Use Vibrator
● Nadia
● Naia
● Nami
● Personal Touch
● Primal
● Private Beach (formerly Kaia)
● Secret Touch
● Shore Thing (formerly Aqua)
● Synchronize
● Tantalize
● Textured C-ring Vibrator (included in the Power Couple Gift Set)
● Thirst
● Trance
● Triple Orgasm Machine
● Uncharted Pleasure
● Vitamin Sea (formerly Maya)


Plug the cord into any 5V USB-to-wall adapter, then plug into the wall and connect to toy to charge. For specific instructions on where to plug the cord into the product, charging times, and more details on charging, please reference the specific product page for your toy.

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PureCharge USB Cord – C

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