The Perfect Shower Routine

The Perfect Shower Routine

It’s time to rub-a-dub-dub. But how do you know if you’re doing it right in the tub? Turns out, there may be some habits in your daily routine that can dry out your skin. Dermatologists recommend what you should do and what you should avoid when jumping in the shower. Here’s a look at the basics so you can leave your shower ready to conquer the day.

Time and length

The average American spends eight minutes in the shower. That sounds pretty short to us (who doesn’t love a luxurious, hot shower to start their day?) but dermatologists say you should keep your showers short. Why? All that water can dry out your skin and hair. If you still want to take your time, make sure you’re stepping out from the stream of water every once in a while to give your skin a break.


You may love a super-hot shower (and we do too) to cleanse our bodies (and souls) from the day’s stressors. Turns out, you should try to make your showers lukewarm or cold. Dermatologists say all the hot water strips your skin of natural oils. Surprisingly, there are many benefits to taking a cold shower. It can boost immunity, improve circulation, increase metabolism, and relieve pain. While you may miss that nice, steamy water, see how a change in your routine can improve your wellness.

Start at the top

Recently, people have been washing their hair less due to great products like dry shampoo and leave-in conditioner. But you should lather up at least once a week. Focus on your scalp the most, the rest of the shampoo will make its way to your roots. If you’re using a conditioner (and our Conditioning Shave Cream doubles as a moisturizing conditioner), then make sure you work it through the ends of your hair.

Scrub your dirtiest areas

You don’t have to be covered in bubbles to be absolutely clean. Use your shower gel on the places that typically get a smell if left alone too long, like the armpits, groin, and feet. One great thing about our shower gel, even if you’re taking a warm or hot shower, is that it will add moisture back into your skin thanks to ingredients like argan oil. When scrubbing, don’t feel like you have to be extra harsh, which can over-exfoliate and damage skin.

Save shaving for last

One thing that will help your skin is by saving shaving for the big finale. This way, the hairs are damp and softer. Plus, your skin will already be clean and your pores will be open. Apply our shaving cream and leave it on for one minute, then shave and rinse. This will help prevent bumps and redness. Make sure you rinse off your entire body before stepping out of the shower.

Pat dry

Whether you’re washing your face or your body, one thing we can always recommend is to pat your skin dry. Rubbing can cause friction and leave you feeling itchy. Focus on areas that really need to be dry like the groin and armpits. Plus, by patting dry you leave some moisture on your skin that will be locked in when you moisturize.


Right after you pat dry, apply some moisturizer (within a few minutes). You may think you only need to lather up in winter, but the season doesn’t matter. Dermatologists recommend you use lotion twice a day. Applying a Nourishing Body Lotion will keep your skin looking smooth and healthy.

Find the perfect shower routine with these tips and see how your skin shines when you leave the bathroom.

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