Toys, Travel & TSA

Toys, Travel & TSA

To bring a toy or not to bring a toy? That’s the question. We’ve got answers! Today, we’re giving you the “why” and “how” on orgasming on the road.

The Why

If you’ve never had sex toys on your packing list, you might wonder why bother. When you’re relaxing on vacation, it’s the perfect time to add an orgasm to the agenda. There are so many benefits to vibration, so why not take advantage of them when you have more time to enjoy it!

With the “why” covered, we move on to our “how”. Stashing vibes in checked bags is the obvious choice for mishap-prevention but if you’re packing light or just prefer to keep all prized possessions in your carry-ons, read on babe.

The How

Get that sh*t on lock

Most toys have what we call a “travel-lock.” Wanna know if your toy has it? Check the box! If you threw it out, hit the toy manufacturer’s website.

Let’s take Make Waves for example. If you hit our website and check out the “directions” section, it’s all there! That’s the reason you have to press and hold the power button to turn on a toy. It’s much less likely to leave you with a buzzy bag.

Pro Tip: Leave the big boys at home (i.e. larger, more powerful wands, bulky accessories, thrusting toys, etc.) Big devices have big motors and batteries, which means higher risk for manual TSA inspection. We’re always told to take all electronics bigger than cell phones out of our carry-ons for separate scanning – larger toys likely won’t be the exception.

Kill the lights, y’all

If the toy you’re looking to vacation with doesn’t have a travel lock (or you’re still concerned anyway), there are more options! Take out any batteries and store ‘em separately. If your toy’s rechargeable, wrap it in a shirt or otherwise pad it for extra insurance so nothing will touch the power button. Still worried? Fully drain the battery so it won’t turn on in your bag, then just recharge later!

Pro Tip: Don’t forget your charge cord and any charging accessories. Bring a power brick and an adapter/converter if you’re headed to part of the world with different voltages too. Do your research to find out if you need a converter, adapter, or other device to safely charge or operate your toy. If you forget your brick but your charger cord is USB, just juice up via a laptop!

Keep it kinky (the smart way)

Be careful with solid material toys and some BDSM gear. There aren’t official TSA detailed rules about sex toys and gear so it’s up to the discretion of individual agents. To unfamiliar eyes, things like stainless steel G-spot wands and paddles might look dangerous and could get confiscated.

If you really wanna keep kinky play on the agenda, leave the heaviest stuff at home and hide a few things in plain sight. For impact play, pack a leather belt. For restraints, try a necktie or robe tie. Sensory play? A simple blindfold looks just like a sleep mask. Get creative!

Double bag it

Though it’s unlikely you’ll be asked to remove a toy from your carry-on or be subject to inspection, we recommend stashing your toy in a clear bag. That way, if either of the two situations happen, you won’t have to think about strangers’ hands pawing at your stuff.

Liquids are subject to TSA’s 3-1-1 rule, so don’t forget about lubricants and enhancement gels or creams. Best strategy? Use a quart-size clear bag. Just remember each bottle or container inside must be 3.4 oz each or less. The good news is most intimate liquids already come in travel-friendly sizes since a little often goes a long way.

Be cool

You’re not the only person who’s ever flown with a toy, so be cool! Shuffling through the line acting shady isn’t a good look. It may give agents even more reason to pull your bag for inspection. If it happens, just tell the truth, call it what it is (a sex toy) or go with “personal device” or “personal massager.” Whatever works for you.

Go global

If you didn’t already know, there are some places in the world you can’t take sex toys. Most spots are in the Middle East and Southeast Asia but there are a few with unexpected restrictions (Maldives for instance), so it’s best to double check that your destination is sex-toy friendly.

The last thing you want is your fave toy getting confiscated.

In closing, we hope you’ve got everything you need on TSA and sex toys! And remember, even if you’re the unlucky pick for a random TSA inspection, it’s not the end of the world. Now more than ever, people want to talk and embrace all things sex, toys, and taboos. Everyone has a right to pleasure and that includes you!

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