Turn Up the Heat with these Summer Sex Positions

Turn Up the Heat with these Summer Sex Positions

The official start of summer is just around the corner. What is a better way to kick off the hottest season of the year than partaking in some steamy sex positions? As if this summer weather didn’t have you hot enough, here are four summer sex positions that will have you and your partner feeling positively feverish.

Poolside Plunge

Do you know what’s hotter than pool foreplay? Absolutely nothing. Escape the summer heat while heating up your sex life. If you’re able to spend some quality time poolside with your partner (after some necessary and fun aquatic foreplay), use the pool’s edge to stabilize yourself while your partner supports your hips/legs. For extra lubrication, consider adding a silicone-based lubricant, perfect for water play. We recommend swimming to the shallow end of the pool and lots of communication between you and your partner for this position.

Sun Yourself Silly

Ever heard of a little thing called “Perineum Sunning?” If you haven’t, it’s exactly what it sounds like and is a wellness trend for 2022. It involves venturing outside, definitely somewhere private, without clothes and positioning yourself in a way that exposes your nether regions to the sunlight. Double down on this wellness trend by adding some self-love to the mix using one of our must have toys.

Summertime Snuggle

If your cuddle craving needs satisfaction, this is the position for you. This side-by-side position allows you and your partner to pretzel around each other and is perfect for both vaginal and anal penetration. Lie down, facing each other, and have one person wrap their leg over the other’s hip. A favorite sleep position for snugglers just got a whole lot sexier.

Bae Watch

Picture this. You’ve just completed a romantic beach stroll with your S.O. The sun is setting, you have a cozy blanket in hand, and you’ve spotted an empty lifeguard tower just waiting to be exploited. With the help of a blanket, it’ll look like you and your partner are simply enjoying the sunset view. In reality, you’re having a spine-tingling orgasm. Have your partner sit down. Then, back up into them and sit between their legs. Drape the blanket over the two of you for privacy and consider sneaking a hand or two down there for clitoral action.

The summer heat isn’t the only heat you should be experiencing this season. Let this list guide you on your summer of “sexploration” and find even more summer-themed positions to try with your S.O. or alone. Remember, self-pleasure is real and you deserve it this summer!

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