Try These Virtual Date Night Ideas!

Try These Virtual Date Night Ideas!

Whether you’re looking to break the ice on your first date or spice up your long-distance relationship, these virtual date night ideas will turn Facetime into a great time!

Virtual First Dates

Game On

First dates can be awkward as it is, and having one over a video chat app adds even more pressure to the mix! Games are a great way to keep things casual and the conversation flowing. Try apps like Houseparty, where you can choose from multiple games like trivia, drawing, heads up and more! If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of extra apps, try a good old fashioned game of 20 questions. Put a twist on this classic game by taking turns asking questions about one another. It’s the perfect icebreaker to learn more about your date and put an end to those dreaded awkward pauses.

Movie Night

While being at the movie theatre and sharing popcorn is more romantic, this first-date trope can still be replicated quarantine-style. Extensions like Netflix Party will allow you and your date to sync up the video of anything you choose to watch on Netflix! What do we recommend? Put on something light and fun verus something more plot-heavy and dramatic. That way, you and your date can bond over bad one-liners, laugh at the corniness and talk more than watch. That’s the point, right?

Hometown Tour

The best part about a first date is not knowing anything about each other…yet. And your hometown is the perfect place to start! Plus, hometown dates on The Bachelor are obviously the best episode and who doesn’t want to recreate that? (Minus meeting their parents, of course.) Pick a meeting place on Google maps and walk them through where you grew up, share where you went to high school and introduce them to your favorite restaurants! If your high school days aren’t something you’re fond of, pick somewhere new and exciting to tour together for the first time! Tibet, perhaps?


Virtual Partner Dates

Get Cooking

If there’s anything that brings two people closer together (even when they’re miles apart), it’s food! Decide on a recipe ahead of time so you can get all the necessary ingredients, first. Prop your phone or computer on your kitchen counter and get cooking, together! Once you’ve prepared your dishes, sit down, light some candles (bonus points if it’s the same candle) and try your feast together! For some added fun, try to make it into a competition by seeing who can cook the best dish…though you’ll have to take their word for it!

Double Date

Invite another long-distance couple for a double date! Get on a platform that allows for a four-person video chat and let the date-night fun begin! You can do almost anything you could on a normal double date; drink wine, eat some pizza, talk about the latest! House Party type apps come in handy for this situation, too!

Fashion Show

This one may sound a little strange but stay with us, it’s actually a little freaky. For most of us, self-isolation means several days straight of wearing sweatpants. Use your fashion show as an excuse to break some of sexiest clothes out of storage! The most important part? Put your sexiest lingerie on underneath and perform a video striptease once you’ve modeled your looks. Now that’s what we call a grand finale!

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