Why Gua Sha Should be in your Self Care Routine

Why Gua Sha Should be in your Self Care Routine

Whether you already have a skincare routine to keep your age defying looks fresh or you want to start one soon, we have something you made want to consider. Try adding gua sha into your weekly skin care routine and never look back!

Gua Sha and Its benefits

Gua sha uses a curved stone or crystal tool and was originally an ancient Chinese spa practice. Experts say that when used correctly and practiced regularly, this self-care ritual lifts, sculpts, and contours the various areas of the face, making you look and feel your best! Gua sha acts as a guiding tool in a facial massage, bound to improve your skin from the inside out by reducing puffiness and the appearance of wrinkles, such as crow’s feet. You deserve to look and feel healthier, so it’s time to make this “ancient” ritual a weekly one!

Gua Sha 101

There are hundreds of different tools you can buy online these days, but don’t get overwhelmed by all of the options, prices, colors, and types! The most important thing to look for is a tool made from rose quartz or jade crystal. Many people believe these two crystals have ultimate healing benefits, which makes it worth the heftier price tag at checkout. After doing some research and assessing your personal skincare needs, decide which crystal will suit your facial needs so you can get your gua sha on!

Make It Glide

Having dry skin during this routine is a big no-no! You want to ensure that your crystal will glide along your skin’s surface, instead of getting stuck at bumps and turns along the way. Before you begin your massage, be sure to apply a generous amount of nutritional oil, like oil with vitamin C, rosehip extract, or argan properties, to your skin. You can also substitute oil for your favorite moisturizer if you prefer one product over the other.

How to Gua Sha

It’s time to start your massage. Exciting! It’s best to start this routine at the base of the neck, working slowly as you trace your way up to the forehead, dividing the face into various sections: neck, jaw, nose, brows, and forehead. Use the curve in your gua sha tool to trace the angles of your face, applying a slight amount of pressure with the rose quartz or jade crystal. If you’re looking for the best results, be sure to repeat each stroke five to ten times. The pressure you apply with your crystal will activate your lymph system, increasing flow to various areas of the face. It is important that you hydrate before, during, and after the process because experts believe this helps release toxins from the body.

***IMPORTANT: Avoid irritating areas on the face that are scarred. Do not gua sha over blemished areas or open wounds.

Seeing changes and improvements already? Try a gua sha massage two to three times a week, either in the morning or right before you go to bed!

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