Your Sexual Health Toolkit

Your Sexual Health Toolkit

The month of September brings a variety of milestones in our year, including Labor Day, the first day of fall, and Zendaya’s birthday, just to name a few. But did you know it’s also World Sexual Health Month? Celebrated every September, the World Association for Sexual Health created this campaign to bring greater awareness to sexual health issues, spread education, provide resources, and so much more. This year’s theme? Let’s talk pleasure!

The World Association for Sexual Health developed the Sexual Pleasure Declaration as a call to action to reaffirm the following:

Sexual pleasure is the physical and/or psychological satisfaction and enjoyment derived from shared or solitary erotic experiences, including thoughts, fantasies, dreams, emotions, and feelings.

Self-determination, consent, safety, privacy, confidence, and the ability to communicate and negotiate sexual relations are key enabling factors for pleasure to contribute to sexual health and well-being. Sexual pleasure should be exercised within the context of sexual rights, particularly the rights to equality and non-discrimination, autonomy and bodily integrity, the right to the highest attainable standard of health and freedom of expression. The experiences of human sexual pleasure are diverse and sexual rights ensure that pleasure is a positive experience for all concerned and not obtained by violating other people’s human rights and well-being.”

If you know Pure Romance, you know that we have plenty of products that provide pleasure. But, before you explore pleasure, it’s important to make sure your sexual health is a priority! That’s why we offer a variety of products designed to not only enhance your intimacy experience but put your sexual wellness at the forefront this sexual health month and beyond. Keep reading for our top picks for your sexual health toolkit!

Just Like Me


If there’s one product that is essential for your sexual health, it’s Just Like Me. This water-based lubricant is one of our best-selling products, and for good reason! It is perfect for getting intimate with a partner, using with a toy, and wearing for everyday use. Not only is it lightweight, but it’s pH-balanced and carefully formulated to imitate your body’s natural vaginal moisture. Finally, there’s a lubricant that feels just like YOU! Water-based lubricants are a great place to start but learn more about your lubricant options here!

Ben Wa Balls

For centuries, Ben Wa Balls have helped women ensure they’re exercising their vaginal walls and bladder muscles in a way that will positively impact sexual arousal and restore and maintain vaginal elasticity. These durable, silver-plated balls will help you make the most of your Kegel exercises and help tone and strengthen the pubococcygeus or “PC” muscles, which form the floor of the pelvis. Stronger PC muscles help promote bladder control– So no more running off to the bathroom every 15 minutes! Read more about Kegel exercises and how they can lead to a better orgasm here!

Cleansing Mist

This gentle spray is formulated to cleanse, protect, and polish your toys. Gentle and paraben-free, Cleansing Mist is safer than soap and water (soap can dry out and crack the surface of your toy). Also it’s essential to prevent the growth of bacteria and keep your toy as good as new.

Vaginal Dilator Set

Over 75% of women will experience pain during intercourse and for some that pain can be chronic. Vaginal dilators are used to slowly stretch the vaginal walls and treat a variety of conditions, such as Vaginismus, Dyspareunia, vaginal issues related to cancer treatment, as well as common issues related to menopause. If you have any of these sexual health issues or experience discomfort during intercourse, add this Vaginal Dilator Set to your sexual health toolkit! Want to learn more? Listen to our podcast, Sex Care Is Self-Care, where we discuss everything you need to know about vaginal dilators!

Cleanse With Benefits

Formulated to keep you feeling fresh, these wipes not only feature a mild cleanser and help wipe away unwanted bacteria and unpleasant odors, but they are also infused with ingredients that leave a tingling sensation for wherever the day (or night!) takes you. Cleanse With Benefits is pH-balanced and biodegradable, free of parabens, dyes, mineral-oil, added fragrances, and harsh chemicals. It also features moisturizing aloe vera which is known to be an anti-inflammatory that helps soothe skin. Sexual wellness is only a wipe away!

You can celebrate sexual wellness every month, but now is a great time to build your sexual health toolkit. And remember this year’s theme: let’s talk pleasure.

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