Pheromones In the Fragrance World

Pheromones In the Fragrance World

Pheromone-infused scents have been blowing up on TikTok for almost a year now. Fans claim these “sex scents” have given them more allure, more attention, and more action. But what are they and how do they work?

What are Pheromones?
Before we delve too deep, though, we need to talk about what pheromones actually are. Pheromones are signaling molecules that are naturally produced in the bodies of many animals and insects. These molecules act like messages to other members of their species. It’s how those ants all seem to know where the goods are in your kitchen (“hey guys, cookies are this way!”), why your dog marks the neighbor’s mailbox during every walk (“this is mine!”), and why your cat rubs their face on your ankle (“I like this, and it makes me feel safe!”)

Pheromones allow animals to silently communicate a wide variety of things: where everyone should gather, where there might be danger, or that they’re looking for a mate.

Pheromone Science
So, the question has to be asked. If animals use pheromones to attract potential partners, why can’t humans? That’s the idea behind pheromone-infused scents!

Experts have looked into the power of pheromones. Animals process pheromone signals through the vomeronasal organ, something adult humans do not have. But we can still detect pheromones through smell, our ability to do so just doesn’t happen to be as advanced as animals. Scientists discovered that, you guessed it, certain smells can be turn-ons or turn-offs for us.

In one study, 74% of college women experienced an increase in sex, dating, kissing, and more when applying pheromones. Scientists also found that women are sensitive to a compound called androstadienone, found in higher concentrations in male sweat. They then found that when women applied this compound to their upper lip, they experienced a better mood and focus, which in turn helped their sexual response.

Because let’s be real, who feels attractive and date-ready when they’re in a bad mood?

Pheromones & Fragrances
So now you get the idea behind pheromone-infused fragrances. These kinds of fragrances use pheromones not just to help you gain the attention of others, but to evolve and change their scent profile based on the wearer’s body chemistry!

Our favorite of these (as you might guess) is Basic Instinct, our unisex pheromone-infused roll-on scent. When rolled onto pulse points, it creates a fragrance that is individual and personalized—a scent that is unique to you. And even better, it can layer on with other scents to create something truly one-of-a-kind. Meaning, you don’t have to forgo that designer lotion and perfume combo, you’re just adding a little dose of allure into the mix.

We’ve sold Basic Instinct at Pure Romance since day one! That’s 30+ years of attraction and attention. And over all that time, we’ve had so many users share their positive (and sometimes naughty) experiences with Basic Instinct. Servers who’ve received better tips the days they’ve applied it, and people who have been showered with compliments or found they were being approached more than usual. One user even said it seemed to make their co-workers nicer to her!

Even beyond attraction, many users have found that it boosts their mood and their confidence. One user said she uses it to help fight seasonal depression while another rolls it on to kick up her flirty mood. So many have called it their “go-to product,” carrying it everywhere in case they suddenly find themselves in need of a little something extra.

But more than anything else, the phrase we probably hear the most? “This drives my partner CRAZY.” We love to hear how our products help couples get more intimate but, because Basic Instinct creates a truly unique, personal scent, it’s not just the fragrance – it’s YOU that drives them crazy.

So many have found themselves feeling more sexy, more confident, and gaining more attention after a single use that it’s turned even the most skeptical of users into true believers.

Looking to Turn Every Head?
TikTok trends move fast, but pheromone-infused scents like Basic Instinct have staying power. With so many users sharing their stories and experiences, we’re bound to see more and more pheromones popping up in products for those looking to up their attraction game.

So why not give it a try? What’s there to lose? …Besides that cutie down that just walked in the room?

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