Getting Sex Toy Savvy

Getting Sex Toy Savvy

As a first-time sex toy user, it can be intimidating choosing what to purchase first. When it comes to sex toys, there are so many types, vibration speeds and patterns, sizes, and colors out there. Holistic sex therapist Renée Burwell is here to take you through our Pure Romance toys, from mild to wild.

Before we begin, here is some advice from our sexpert that everyone should hear:

“There is no one use for all. Whatever feels good and whatever your imagination tells you to do, go for it!”

Also, take your time with your toy. If you have a vagina, don’t feel like you immediately have to go for penetration. Start your toy on the labia or clitoris and, when you’re ready, go vaginal. Level up on your own.

Now that we have advice for the best experience, let’s get into the best toys for beginners!


Just One Touch

You may recognize this toy from a popular episode of “Sex and the City.” There’s a reason the Samanthas of the world love this toy. It’s a great clitoral toy that can be camouflaged as a back massager. It’s quiet and discreet because it uses contact-responsive sensors that only vibrate when touching your skin.


Make Waves

A bullet vibrator is the perfect toy for someone who has never owned one before. It’s a great way to explore your body, from the nipples to the clitoris. Bullets are very versatile, so you can choose your own adventure. Burwell’s advice is to start slow by massaging the bullet around the clitoris then the vagina. Too much stimulation can stop your play time too soon. If you want to test out the intensity of the vibration, turn on the toy and touch it to your nose. This is a good way to see if those higher settings will be too much for you.


Over The Moon

This out of this world toy fits in your purse. It’s perfect for any beginner because it glides easily. Plus, it’s bendable and flexible for the body. And this toy is multi-faceted. Start out by rubbing it around you or your partner’s neck. As you warm up, explore different parts of the body.


While Exposed is technically a clitoral toy, Burwell says it’s also great for the labia. Start there to build excitement before focusing on the clitoris. Burwell also says this is a great toy to use with other toys. She adds, “Get yourself stimulated through the clitoris or the labia. Then you can start doing the g-spot stimulation because a lot of people want to go straight to the G-spot and that’s not going to get that orgasm feeling because it’s too much. But if you start with a toy like this” you’re more likely to orgasm.

The Adventurer

One of our top sellers, The Adventurer resembles a mixture of some of the most viral toys on the internet. The kicker? Unlike others, ours is dual ended. You can enjoy the air pressure on one end, but if you want to mix it up with vibration then just switch to the tickler on the other side. Burwell says the massager will give you an enhanced experience, especially around the clitoral area. Also, enjoy an erotic suction feeling around the nipples.


*Special note from Burwell before we get into G-spot and vaginal vibrators: vibration can heal scar tissue for postpartum women. Ask your doctor before trying it out.

Bump & Grind

Who says a G-spot vibrator should only be used internally? This is a great toy for the entire body. Explore multiple areas for you and your partner and when you’re done with that use it for G-spot stimulation. Burwell says this may be a little more advanced for people new to penetrative toys, but if you’re adventurous, it’s a great first G-spot vibe.

Just The Way I Lilac It

You’re flexible and you like a toy that is just as flexible as you. That’s what makes this G-spot toy perfect. Burwell says the key to this toy is not only the bendable double silicone, but the anatomical correctness that resembles the shape of a real penis. She also adds to make the most of this toy. The clitoris is not just a little spot (read more here), it’s a wishbone. Rub the massager in different ways internally to get different orgasms.


So Berry Tempting

You’ll love all the options you have with this vibrator. It’s bendable, can be used as a bullet, and the material is super soft. In fact, Burwell adds that its temperature will match your body temperature quicker than other toys. Plus, it has subtle ridges on the shaft that will tease and please as you play.


Blue My Mind

Everyone is different, so we’re all for the flexible vibes. Dual-action toys are fantastic because you get internal stimulation of the vagina and external stimulation of the clitoris. This means you could experience an amazing blended orgasm. The best part? It’s bendable so you can hit the G-spot. Burwell also recommends you use this on a partner by putting the penis between the tickler and the shaft.


Vitamin Sea

There’s a reason the C-ring is every couple’s favorite toy. Add constriction by putting the ring around the penis or testicles. Position the vibrator toward the clitoris for you. You can also position the vibrator down so that it teases the testicles. Burwell recommends this toy if you’re having delayed orgasm issues. You can also get creative and put your fingers through the ring to use it as a hand massager.


Get A Grip

This masturbation sleeve is stretchable for any size. It’s also reversible with two unique textures. Burwell says her male patients are unsure when she first recommends these, but they change their mind after using them. She adds to not just use it as a break from partnered sex. “Use it to enhance any sexual experience,” She says. Another option, use it during oral favors by putting the sleeve at the base of the penis and licking the tip as you massage up and down.

Burwell’s final pieces of advice? For any toy, experiment with different lubricants to get different experiences. She also adds that you shouldn’t limit yourself when it comes to adult toys.

“I believe we should have toy boxes just like kids have toy boxes… One day you might want something more clitoral stimulation and another day you might want more vaginal, then you might want things for the penis or partnered play. These are ways to explore and see what works for you.”

If you want to hear all of Burwell’s advice, check out the Instagram Live on our page.

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