Here’s everything you need to know about the clitoris and how to enjoy it by yourself or with a partner!

Only a few decades ago, the prevailing wisdom was that if a woman couldn’t have an orgasm from vaginal penetration alone, there was something wrong with her. Thankfully, we now know much more about women’s sexual anatomy—which means we understand that for the majority of women, the real action is in the clitoris! Most women find that clitoral stimulation is the easiest way for them to achieve orgasm; for many women, it’s actually a requirement.

Let’s learn a little about this anatomical hot spot!

What it is (and where to find it)

When most people think of the clitoris, they think of a small bulb of fleshy tissue that sits at the top of the labia (or vaginal lips). In reality, this bulb, called the glans clitoris, is just the tip of a complex internal structure that surrounds the vagina with sensitive erectile tissue. In fact, many scientists now believe that what we know as the G-spot is actually part of the internal clitoral structure.

It’s easy to find the glans clitoris—even though you might not always be able to see it, because it retracts under a flap or “hood” of skin as part of arousal. Just trace your finger along the tip of the labia, and when you get to the top, explore. You’ll know when you’ve found it.

Why it’s important

Some people rely solely on their saliva to provide lubrication during oral sex, but that can lead to disappointment for everyone! Invest in some The glans clitoris is densely packed with 8,000-12,000 nerve endings—the same amount as men have spread out over the entire surface area of the penis and testicles! That concentration of nerve endings makes the clitoris a powerful pleasure center for women. It’s the only organ in either men or women whose sole known function is pleasure! Now that’s something to be excited about!

A few fun facts about it

  • While many people think of the vagina as the female equivalent of the penis, the real counterpart is the clitoris! Both the penis and the clitoris develop from a structure in an embryo called the genital tubercle.
  • Sigmund Freud believed that an adult woman should be able to achieve orgasm through vaginal penetration alone, and that reliance on the clitoris for sexual pleasure was a sign of immaturity. The first scientist to dispute this theory? The famous sex researcher Dr. Alfred Kinsey.
  • The clitoris actually grows in size; at age 32, yours is almost four times the size it was at puberty!

How to enjoy it

The Pure Romance product lineup offers many ways for you to enjoy clitoral pleasure with a partner or by yourself! The easiest is a clitoral vibrator which allows you to provide direct, focused vibration to this sensitive area. Make the experience even more toe-curling by adding an enhancement cream, which delivers an exciting tingle to the clitoris. Whatever methods you use to explore your clitoris, always include a water-based lubricant for maximum comfort and satisfaction.

However you choose to explore your clitoris, enjoy yourself! After all, that’s why it exists!

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