Passionate Positions for Valentine’s Day

Passionate Positions for Valentine’s Day

Doing something romantic for your loved one is sweet. Doing something small and intimate is endearing. But what about doing something oral? It’s Love Season. And in our eyes, there is only one way to celebrate: Valentine’s Day-themed sex positions. Let’s get right to them.


Don’t faint just yet! If you’re looking for that spine-tingling, head tilting, love coma inducing orgasm, look no further. Swoonworthy is a somewhat advanced position, but we love it for its versatility and intimacy. You can do it almost anywhere! All you need is a wall, an easy access outfit, and never forget the lubricant!

How to achieve it: For beginners, we recommend a forward-backward approach, when the receiver is turned away from their partner and receiving from behind. This allows for a sturdier, more balanced entry. For pros, go for the three-legged dog as seen above. This advanced position involves the giver holding the leg of the receiver and requires the lovers to rely on each other for support. The two of you will never feel closer.

Spoon Me

There is nothing quite like a morning cuddle session to ease you into a more than likely hectic day of emails, meetings, and vexing questions. Do you know what will make all those things go smoother? A rush of endorphins coursing through your body thanks to your morning orgasm.

How to achieve it: We wouldn’t dare tell you the right way to cuddle your partner, but spoons are recommended. For a deeper G-Spot hitting entry, we recommend lifting your partner’s leg in a bent position and grabbing for support wherever you see fit. This, in turn, leaves more room for clitoral stimulation. Always remember to get the best of both worlds (clitoral and g-spot orgasm) whenever possible.

Heart to Heart

Okay now we’re getting frisky! If you’re in the throes of a particularly passionate affair and can’t seem to break away from your partner’s lips, you shouldn’t have to. We love a position that’s doable for any body type that sparks intimacy and intensity in a lovemaking session.

How to achieve it: Lie face to face with your partner with enough space between your nether regions for play. Now bring in your favorite multifaceted vibe and keep the good times rolling. Remember, sharing is caring.

Take My Breath Away

Not literally! But breathless doesn’t even begin to describe this position. Did you know face-sitting also goes by the name “Queening?” Every queen needs their throne, and that throne is your partner’s face.

How to achieve it: The receiver kneels over the face of their partner while their partner performs cunnilingus. Might sound simple, but pleasure should never be complicated. We recommend the receiver rest their hands on their partners legs in order to stretch out the back and further elongate the torso for increased pleasure. Ever wanted to orgasm at the same time as your partner? Make it happen with one of our breathtaking clitoral vibes. If you’re looking to add some flavor to your partner’s experience, include some Great Head oral gel for a fruity and refreshing oral favor.

Head Over Heels

More like legs over neck. If you’ve ever wanted to experience that deep, intense shiver of a G-spot orgasm, it’s time to start stretching. G-Spot orgasms are the sexual equivalent of a gold medal and you should always go for gold.

How to achieve it: The giver stands while the receiver sits back on their forearms with legs elevated straight up against their partner’s body. To maximize the elevated partner’s pleasure, place a hand under their buttocks or against the lower back to lift it up and down for increased sensation.

Chocolates are great, flowers are even better, but these V-Day sex positions might be the best gift for you and your partner this love season. Enjoy and remember to stretch.

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